After the Flood: Can Wynona Go Home Again?

When all is lost, is "Her Home" really where the heart is? Read the story of Wynona Lurie, an 80 yr-old fireball whose light was briefly extinguished by Nashville's horrific flooding. How does she start over when half her life is washed away by torrential rain?The full story is found at for reading!...more

I hope you'll update us again when Wynona lands in a new home.

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How to Create & Maintain a Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook fan page can be a great tool for your business, personality or endeavor.  It serves as a fun way to update interested parties about what’s new and what’s news and is especially effective since so many people are already turning to Facebook as a means of staying connected. Before you create a Fan Page, make sure this is the right option for you.  Sometimes people confuse Facebook fan pages and groups.  I’ve ...more

Small Biz & Social Media - Are We Selling or Telling?

  What’s the real scoop on the usage and effectiveness of social media for small business?  Between information from a couple of recent research reports and real life scenarios, it seems small biz is using social media primarily for telling—not selling. ...more

Attention Small Business - Five Elements of Social Media Free White Paper

When it comes to social media, do you ever feel like you’re blowing a kazoo in the middle of a marching band brass section?  Or do you feel like your occasional trumpet calls get quick salutes but no lasting results? ...more

Attention Small Biz - Get Ready for New Technology & Social Media Tools

I come as a messenger, and I come in peace. Please remember this as I now announce to you that there is yet more stuff you’re going to have to learn about, adopt and maybe even embrace in the world of technology and social media.  There’re new search engines, communications platforms, gadgets and an endless array of applications on the horizon, some of which you won’t be able to ignore. ...more

and was astounded watching the very long presentation from Google about more

Social Media - The Harder You Work, The Luckier You'll Be


Seems like the only way to get rich quick is to concoct a get rich quick scheme.  Even then ...more