She's Gotta Have It - Nia and Nika strike a Pose

Anyone else enamored with this mural in Fort Greene, Brooklyn? I immediately stopped and posed for a photo when I saw it a few Sundays ago. This past Sunday, Nia Long shared a photo of her posing in front of the mural, letting us know that she has to have it "all day everyday!" Nia Long...more

#ProudAuntie: Solange Knowles Shares Adorable Photos of Blue Ivy

Today, Solange Knowles shared a #proudauntie moment by posting photos of her beautiful and uber stylish niece, Blue Ivy. Per Solange, Blue Ivy does her own photo efits, go Blue!Look how mcuh, Blue Blue has grown. She's a beautiful and stylish little lady ....more

Three Years of Fitness, Where I am Today + Body Confidence

Three Years of Fitness Three years ago, I started my fitness journey and it has been one of the best decisions I made for my overall health. Not only did going to the gym and working out transform my body and help me meet my goals, I discovered the therapeutic benefits of fitness. On a tough day I look forward to exercise, which helps me to reduce stress and increase much needed endorphins (the body's natural happy chemical)....more

Summer Slay: Five Haute Swimsuits created by Black Designers to add to your Collection this Summer

Summer has officially begun, and with summer comes trips to the beach, pool parties and vacations. Below I've hand-picked five haute swimsuits from some of our favorite black swimwear designers. ...more

Instagram Style Inspiration from Afro Punk Paris

I attended the Afro Punk Festival for the first time last year and found myself surrounded by beautiful self-expression and individual style. Last weekend Afro Punk Paris ushered in the same amazing style into my Instagram feed. Here are a few of my favorites ....more

Making Time For Fitness On A Busy Schedule

This shop has been compensated by CollectiveBias, Inc. on behalf of its advertiser, EAS Sports Nutrition. #easbrand #PowerinProtein #collectivebias I look forward to going to the gym to release, refresh and renew, because my fitness routine is an integral part of my self-care ....more

Style Crush: Twiggy Moli

I always admire when someone embodies and owns their own unique sense of style, and ...more

7 Midi Dresses for Spring and Summer

I love Midi dresses. They're so sophisticated, elegant and classy. With the variety in cuts, textures and style, you can find a midi dress for any occasion - a summer wedding, a party, a cocktail event, or a daytime outing ....more

Be Your own Kind of Beauty

There is no beauty standard. Be your own kind of beauty ....more