Happy Boys!

Here are my tricks to raising happy boys. I’m sure these trick could work for girls too, but since I have boys, I am writing about boys.Get them plenty of fresh air. A walk, cycle, or a picnic are all good, just get them outdoors. My personal favourite thing to do with my boys outside is to walk in botanical gardens. I love trees....more

My Kids were Swapped at Birth

Some days I look at my boys, watch them play, listen to them roar, hear my words coming out of their mouths, and I think they are mini-mes. Other days, like today, I think where did I get them?A day in the botanical gardens in Geelong, Australia. I love botanical gardens. I never tire of majestic trees, beautiful flowers, and grass. ...more

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

Author, Tom Angleberger, has written a light-hearted and very funny series about a less than cool kid named Dwight. Awkward Dwight has a finger puppet, Origami Yoda, who dispenses words of wisdom to other troubled school kids. Read this book, you must ….unless you are avoiding questionable language with your children. The kids in this series frequently call each other morons, losers, and stupid. So warned, you are....more

The Big Day

Like many first time parents the day came and went that our first little bundle of joy was meant to greet the world. Day after day passed. I gave up hope. This kid was never coming out. Then seven days past his due date, he gave signs of arrival. Off we went to the hospital, along with The Bag that had been packed for an eternity....more
It was a while ago  Denise, 15 years actually! Things haven't changed much since then, he is ...more

MY Husband is a Wimp!

We were expecting our first child I bought every book on Amazon about pregnancy and child-birth, and read them from cover to cover. I’d lie on the couch, ordering Mars Bars and Diet Coke for dinner. You see, I had acquired a slave during pregnancy, and boy did I take advantage of him. IrishDev pandered to my every whim. Well, nearly every whim....more

Books as Christmas Stocking Fillers

Santa has always been very encouraging of reading for my boys. They got board books as babies, picture books as toddlers, and now he fills their Christmas stockings with a variety of novels, fact books, joke books, and sometimes even school books! I am always on the look out for books my kids will enjoy, and I thought I would share some of their favourites with you....more

I've Got Worms!

I have worms. In fact the whole family has. Nope I am not ashamed to tell you, in fact I am going to encourage you to get them too! ...more

$25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway.

It's nearly back to school time, and wouldn't a $25 gift card come in handy right now? As a thank you for reading our blog we are running a giveaway. Enter here to be in with a chance to win.  ...more
@txfamilyof7 Thanks txfamilyof7! Good luck!!more

History Pockets

Over the last 4 years of homeschooling my boys we have had many highlights. Many, many things that have made school fun and interesting for the boys. One of those things has been History Pockets....more
@txfamilyof7 It really was a lot of fun. I will miss doing History Pockets :(more

Give Up Yer Aul Sins

In Dublin in the 1960s a teacher, Peig Cunningham, taught in a working class Dublin school. She recorded her class telling their stories onto an old tape recorder, telling them that the recording would be played on the radio, a small lie to encourage the children. Nothing became of the tapes for years, but Peig kept them into her old age. In the 90s a priest discovered the recordings, and got them played on the radio, making Peig's small lie to the children a reality. Eventually the recordings were made into short films animated by Brown Bag Films....more