Loss Lasts Forever

There is a fact about life that we all need to come to terms with at some point. The fact is that we all will lose people that we love. For some they have the unlucky element of losing their whole family at a young age. Others are lucky and don't lose people till they are older and get to have the time with their loved ones others didn't. There are all those in between situations as well. Mine I guess would be considered the in between situations, story of my life really lol....more

Coming to terms

Everyone has their own way of getting over relationships.  Sometimes the way a person chooses to do this can seem strange to other people.  It doesn't matter what others think because it is the person's own logic and really if it works for them that is what matters.  Maybe my way of getting over relationships might seem strange or maybe it seems perfectly logical.  Who knows what people will think and really who cares.  The way I tend to get over a guy is I am friends with them after we break up....more

Are Americans really more Sexually old fashioned than we think?

I have been pondering this idea for a while now and possibly a few years actually. In the United States we pride ourselves on being more advanced than the rest of the world. The show Downton Abbey actually provides of with this very fact which is rather ironic considering the show is about a family in England and only shot in England....more

The Art of Stupid

Many might wonder what this blog could be about since the title is what it is and the subject it is shown is under dating. I assure my readers that it will make sense and everything will come together once I get rolling on this....more

The Idea of Closure

We have all experienced this at one time or another in our lives. The heartbreak of a relationship that wasn't meant to be but in our hearts we really felt it was. A crush that we had really hoped would like us back and we find out they aren't interested. It is that crushing feeling that makes us human and brings out that vulernable side. Sometimes the relationship or crush was short and yet the powerful feels of rejection makes it seem like it was way more. After it all comes crashing down the questions begin to come to mind. Why did it not work out?...more

The Truth Behind..He's Just Not That Into You.

One thing that I have learned earning my degree in School Counseling is some of the funny conversations we have with students. I was talking to one of my classmates, a male who is in his early 20's while I am in my middle 20's.  We were talking about interviewing which than lead to conversations with students. ...more

Saying Goodbye

In another posting I had one thing I mentioned was the fact that a dear family friend has passed away. This lead me to have to write about it because when someone dies it is never really just one person. Physically yes one person died that you are mourning. Psychologically everytime someone you know dies, whether it is a loved one or just someone you talked to from time to time, all the pain of the losses before them tend to surface.  We all at one time or another have suffered a great loss of someone important to us....more

Guy/Girl Codes

The unspoken rules of the sexes..they are the codes that we unconsciously live by and yet how we learn them can be a mystery. Everyone person knows what I am talking about...guy codes...and girl codes.  We can often see these things spoken about on T.V...movies..and sometimes in real life.  ...more

Mourning a Loss

What is mourning? Does mourning only occur when someone we know and love has passed away? I believe that mourning can happen beyond just the subject of death.  Why would I think about mourning at a time like this? Why would this be something that has filled my conscious mind? Life experience these past few weeks has lead me to this discussion about mourning....more

There is always a reason for everything

Today I saw the movie "The Fault in Our Stars"...a movie I've been wanting to see for awhile now. I don't know if this thought came to my mind solely because of the movie or because of a combo of the movie and my current situation. In either case it made me think about the idea of everything happens for a reason and if logic can ever be involved. Logic is something that is good to have especially in certain situations. Logic also makes things with romance worse especially for women....more
I am glad that the blog helped you reflect and think about things...if all my blog does is help ...more