I Is for Idea

An IDEA is what lurks behind this blog (or any piece of writing)—urging the words forward.So, writing about “idea”—when the idea of doing so was ITSELF an “idea”—well it’s kind of like the proverbial snake with its own tail in its mouth. (Or the Escher drawing of a hand drawing itself ...http://www.allposters.com/-sp/Drawing-Hands-Posters_i122118_.htm )...more
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H Is for Heart

As difficult as it is to define what having a Heart MEANS—it is fairly easy to discern when someone is missing one. “Heart” as a metaphor has come to stand for all that is most human and flexible in us, with natural potential to connect instantly with other “people of Heart.”As Mark Twain said, “When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain.” But we also need our brains—to sort out issues, and to contemplate....more
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Hot-and-Heavy July

Temps in the 100s for several days now, here in the South.Seems perfectly reasonable: The month of July, named in honor of the family of Roman ruler Julius Caesar, was considered the point in the year when the sun was most potent.The ancient Saxons called July “Hey Monath,” because it was when they usually mowed and made their hay-harvest.   Hot-and-heavy July greets us—body and soul—smack in the middle of sweet summertime, when we might be wishing for more than an Italian ice to cool us. Maybe a trip to Alaska....more
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Guidance in Small Doses

Most of our lives are spent wondering what to do, when.As ancient peoples might have looked to the sky for portents, or consulted an oracle before going to war or building a city in a certain spot—we often wish there was a simple answer to guidance in our modern world.We long for a way to fit the best bits of advice “out there” (and there is more than we can handle thrown at us every day) to our specific needs and questions....more
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Finding Time, Gaining Time

“Life’s splendor forever lies in wait about each one of us in all its fullness ... If you summon it by the right word, by its right name, it will come,” wrote Franz Kafka.For many of us, the right words are “work tirelessly at what you love.”In Spinning Straw, Weaving Gold, my second collection of “uncommon” mother-daughter dialogues, I focus on the wisdom to be derived specifically from women’s work—which is, by definition, any work done by women....more
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G Is for Good

I probably should title this blog in my alphabetical series: “G Is for THE Good,” because this familiar and pleasant word becomes only a weak description or moderate recommendation as an adjective.So, something is good. For whom? Under what conditions? For how long? we might ask.But “THE Good” as noun—as a universal quality—implies that there is an ultimate standard toward which to aim, stopping just short of “God” as a G-word.THE Good is something we all ought to love and celebrate and take our cues for living from—if only we knew what it was!...more
 @JourneyofLife I think we have the power to help each other see the world in this way ... even ...more

June at Last

Can we finally have arrived six months into the year at JUNE, anticipating the peak of summer’s glory? Some claim that summer doesn’t truly start until the elder is in flower. In fact, in the month of June, as many as a dozen species may burst forth from their buds on a single day.“Come forth into the light of things,” wrote the poet William Wordsworth, “let nature be your teacher.” ...more
 @JourneyofLife It really is the peak of the year in so many ways!  I enjoy the longer daylight ...more

F Is for Flight

Ever since someone suggested that “angels can fly because they take themselves lightly”—I’ve considered the metaphor of Flight one of my favorite one-word “lifts” (pun intended).Examples of the pleasantness and implied liberation of the word Flight abound.We recently re-watched our DVD of “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” with its stunning soundtrack, and always, afterwards, it is the Gospel hymn “I’ll Fly Away” that most compellingly sticks in my mind.Poet James Dickey said that “Flight is the only truly new sensation” anyone has achieved in modern history....more
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Spinning Straw, Weaving Gold

I’m not sure exactly how I arrived at the title for my new book, a sequel to my mother-daughter dialogues in Becoming Flame (2010). But reading this quote by Robert Johnson itself would have been enough:“Whether called faith, destiny, or the hand of God, slender threads are at work bringing coherence and continuity to our lives. Over time they weave a remarkable tapestry.”And so I have subtitled Spinning Straw, Weaving Gold: A Tapestry of Mother-Daughter Wisdom....more
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E Is for Eye

“Eye” is not only the essential human organ of sight: “one of a pair of spherical bodies contained in an orbit of the skull” (Dictionary.com). It is also a superb metaphor for the visionary skill of the poet; and, at times, of focus for the spiritual life as well.“The eye altering alters all,” wrote the poet William Blake. And in Matthew 6:22, Jesus said that “The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light.”...more
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