Guacamole as Poor Man's Butter

Being unemployed when most of my friends already have jobs, or are back in school, there's really not a lot of reason for me to go out. I'm not necessarily bored, I have loads of films and series to keep me company, and of course, my kitchen skills.For the past few days however, I've increasingly become a bum, much to my dissatisfaction. Alhtough I'm not a professional bum am I? I still keep this blog, which you lovely lot are very appreciative of (thanks for all the notes and likes on twitter and tumblr) and just of this moment, I made guacamole!...more

Easy Chocolate Cake

Remember my One Minute Milo Mug Cake? Of course you do. Next to my No-Fail Chocolate Chunk Cookies, that post has the most views. Who can blame you, who can blame me? These mug cakes are fast, easy and delicious. Which is very deadly. Admit it, these mug cakes have both been a blessing and a course for you, haven't they?...more