52 Ways to be Happy for FREE: #52 Do What You Love

This may be my last post for a long time. It has been an incredible journey. For the past year, I’ve been writing a weekly series on ways to get happy for free ....more

52 Ways to get Happy for FREE (46-51): Learn from Children

Yes, I’m saving the best for last. This post covers #46-51. This has been a year of growth ....more

Savory Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have so much natural sweetness, try making them savory for a sweet and savory bite all in one. ...more

How to Maximize Coinstar

Disclosure: This is a sponsored campaign, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Looking for extra money right about now? I know, me too! ...more

Turkey Meatball Soup

This turkey meatball soup cures a cold, flu and makes a happy, happy home. Move over chicken noodle soup. This is the one your mom told you to eat when the temps drop, the nose sniffles and the body gets chills ....more

52 Ways to Get Happy for FREE: Lose Track of Time (Week 44)

What makes you lose track of time? A phone call with an old friend? Playing games with your family ....more

52 Ways to Get Happy for FREE: Save Money (Week 43)

Saving money will lift you up! It all seems so easy right? Saving money is not fun while it’s happening, but counting your money after you’ve saved it? ...more

Stay Well and Win Big with Zicam

This is a sponsored conversation with Zicam. Oh the Pre-Cold! It’s almost worst than a full blown cold because you start to get all the symptoms and the anxiety because you know what’s coming next ....more

52 Ways to Get Happy for FREE: Build Resilience (Week 42)

Hard times are not there to break us. They are there to build us up. Everyone we meet is going through a struggle ....more

Shell Fuel Rewards Network Program {Giveaway} #FuelRewards

Save money on gas with Shell Fuel Rewards Network Program. No need to shop at just one grocery store to save money at the pump. Shell now has a Fuel Rewards Network Program...more