Children, Teens, Media, and Body Image Infographic

I’m working on a post for next week about body positivity for girls, and I ran across a report from Common Sense Media called...more

The #1 Way To Get Your Child To Listen

Your kids sometimes don’t seem to hear a word you say! It could be your 5 minute warning that it’s time to leave the park, your heartfelt I love you before they head off to school, and, of course, any kind of scold or reminder. Sometimes you need your kids to listen ....more

5 Tips to Build Your Daily Journaling Habit

You get the most out of journaling when you make it a regular, daily practice. But, of course, life gets busy and you have many priorities. It’s easy for daily journaling to fall by the wayside ....more

Get Ready for a Positive Parenting eCourse!

I’ve been building a...more

Trust Kids

Trust them to be themselves. Trust them to go their own way. Trust them to stumble sometimes ....more

Reference Books for Beginning Readers

Usborne Books & More publishes extraordinary educational books for kids. As homeschoolers, we need a constant influx of great books in our house, and Usborne books are my first choice. I’m going to start occasionally telling you about my favorites ....more

Get Your Shit Together

“Get your shit together” is one of those things people say when they’re mad at you, disappointed in you, disgusted by you, and so forth. “Get your shit together” usually means that once you perform this magical, ill-defined feat you will no longer have your shit. The oft-implied message is that you will no longer...more

Playful Parenting by Lawrence J. Cohen

Is your parenting playful? It’s easy to be a grumpy, grouchy parent. I know I am more often than I’d like! ...more

5 More Ways to Stop Yelling At Your Kids

You end up yelling at your kids for lots of reasons. You might have picked up the yelling habit from your own parents. You might be swimming in difficult emotions, and yelling is a kind of release ....more