Things I’m Not Saying About Correlation

I get a lot of fat-related comments and emails that I don’t publish here or publicize. Some of it is really hateful, most of it is just dumb. Most of it is boring, too, because people repeat the same things as one another ....more

Cured With This One Weird Trick

That’s an ironic title, of course. I think. I went over several possibilities for titling this post ....more

It’s Okay for Kids to Watch TV and Play Video Games

I’m going to keep hammering away at this problem, because I think adults as really messing up here. Look, kids like TV. And video games ....more

Subscription Reminder

Just a reminder that email subscriptions are about to end around here, and if you have an RSS subscription you may need to check in on it in a couple of days. I’ll be turning off the service I’ve been using for RSS and email subscriptions, and I won’t be replacing it with anything else. RSS subscribers – I don’t think anything will change for you, however if you start missing posts you can simply resubscribe ....more

Changes to RSS and Email Subscriptions

I have been using Feedblitz to run the RSS feed and email subscriptions here on LoveLiveGrow. I’m about to turn off that service. I pay for it monthly, and I’ve decided to cut back on the expenses related to blogging here ....more

Saying Fat Out Loud

When I first started writing about Fat Acceptance, I started at the very beginning with why I wanted to...more

One Pan Meal with Salmon and Veggies

If you’re looking for a salmon recipe, I have something really easy for you. This is a one pan meal that can be customized with different vegetables and seasonings. It’s easy and delicious – my favorite kind of recipe! ...more

Falling Off the To-Do List

This is a post about mental health. But first, a Burning Man story. The first year I went to Burning Man I started packing in January for an event that happens at the end of August ....more

“Natural Living”? Yes. And no.

When I first started LoveLiveGrow I posted mainly about my homesteading, simple life efforts. I didn’t have a garden or livestock yet, but I wrote about using bathroom cloth, reusable shopping bags, hand washing dishes, using wood for heat, and other “eco” choices. One day Joshua posted on G+ that our cutting board had broken ....more

Get Aggressive With Your Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmation Series: Why It’s Okay For You To Use Positive Affirmations What Are Positive Affirmations? How To Find Your Personal Positive Affirmations Add Depth to Your Positive Affirmations Supercharge Your Positive Affirmations Get Aggressive With Your Positive Affirmations {Image modified from Red flower by Mohammed Shamma / CC BY 2.0} Get Aggressive with Your Positive Affirmations I hope as you’ve read though this series you’ve taken a minute to start incorporating these ideas into your self-talk. I hope there are more positive thoughts in your head this week than there were last week ....more