Cobb Salad Inspiration

Whatever you have on hand can be transformed into a delicious, nutritious (non-traditional) Cobb-like salad.

Fancy Pomodoro Sauce

Fancy Pomodoro Sauce is my version of a chef-style fine restaurant recipe - using fresh Roma tomatoes and a red pepper-basil infused olive oil, and finished off with butter and Romano or Parmesan cheese = a creamy, rich and filling tomato-basil sauce that clings to pasta like nothing else!

Chili-Lime Marinated Grilled Chicken

A simple quick marinade for grilled chicken, with a mildly zesty lime and chili accent. Great for satays, drumsticks, thighs and breasts.

16 Cold Summer Treats

From fresh popsicles to drinks and smoothies, to lots of stay cool this summer!

Better 3-Bean Salad

Fresher, with a few extras and a sweet vinaigrette - elevate this delicious salad, to make year round...if you like!...more

Mint Chocolate-Chip Gelato

Fresh mint and a block of chocolate add luscious flavor to this lovely homemade Italian ice cream.

Vegetable Kabobs

A fresh quick marinade and onto the grill for a few minutes - for nicely grilled, still crisp and quite tasty veggies.

Default Smoothie

My default smoothie is a method in which to make at home a (Jamba-Juice-like) smoothie with fruits and concentrate you can keep on hand...according to (ingredient) availability your taste.

Grilled Marinated Skirt Steak

Lime, olive oil, cumin and cilantro are the basics for a light and flavorful 1-hr. marinade - for grilled and thinly sliced skirt steak.

Restaurant Syle Mexican Salsa

Quick, easy, authentic tasting Mexican salsa; just pulse together in a food processor blender.