Mixing the lines between work & personal lives

Let's get something clear... ...more

Why Bonnie Tyler still rocks my world

I have been tagged by the lovely Mummy Unlimited on a favourite song meme. I need to choose a song that has a special memory attached (rather than just my favourite song). I clarify this because this song is certainly not my favourite, I am a child of the 80's but mostly that's where my love of it ends; I have not joined the 80's revival, and will never ever backcomb my hair. Again.However this song, makes me laugh for the memory it brings back....more

Could this be goodbye to the 'muffin top'?!

To the uninitiated the muffin top is the unsightly bulge above the belt that us ladies get. Having had 2 children in 18 months I had one to be proud of. It was almost a thing of beauty with its varying brushstrokes of red, silver and blue (ok stretchmarks but I'm a feminist which means they show the beautiful journey of my pregnancies, believe that and you'll believe anything, they are HIDEOUS)....more

Number for bloggers anonymous anyone?

Jesus, I have become ADDICTED to this. Before December a tweet was a song from a bird, a blog was something for geeks and widgets were something Jack Dee talked about in an ad in the 80's. ...more

Help for Haiti from a UK mummy blogger

I'm not overly political, although I do have opinions (and I like Nick Clegg so much more after his Gina Ford comments..), and although Gordon Brown might have trouble running a piss up in a brewery I do like the fact he gave women more maternity leave (but I have diminishing faith in his ability to get us out of debt)....more