What's Up!!? Citizen Scientists and Grizzly Bears!

Tracking Grizzly's with Citizen ScientistsChristi Cooper-Kuhn, a neuro-scientist turned filmmaker was engaged by the extraordinary organization Adventure...more

What's Up!!? The Very Scary ... Evelyn Black

ONLINE #Premiere TONIGHT! VISIT itsashort.com for your $2 ticket to a night of short fun and a google hangout with the cast!8pm CDT Michael Foster's #FilmNoir #EvelynBlack itsashort.comitsashorttheblog ...more

What's Up? '2forStew'

Tonite's #Premiere and #GoogleHangout is '2forStew'!!!!!Join the Google Hangout after the premiere on itsashort.com!Ben Atkinson & Darren T. Mangler itsashort.comitsashorttheblog ...more

Join our Google Hangout 6/26/14!

  James Poirier's 'The Color of Her Dress' premieres!Register to see the premiere June 26th 6pm PST then google-hang with the crew afterward!Use the code 'gold'! #itsashortitsashort.comitsashorttheblog ...more

What's Up? Wow, she's beautiful, does she see me?

Wow! She's beautiful, I want to say something...but I've only got a second before the train stops...and I may never see her again...so....we spend an amazing day...laughing, sharing a coffee, a meal and then...'snap'...was that real? Join us for the online premiere of The Color of Her Dress and share on our facebook page, a similar story from your life....more

What's Up! Marcus Dúpree's 'Junior'!

Tonight on itsashort.com premieres 'Junior' a short, film, suspenseful thriller written and acted by Marcus Dúpree starring Larry Gilliard, Jr. Register and join the discussion!Join us for the premiere and after-party Google chat!  ...more

What's Up! Itsashort.com

 Hope to see you at our virtual premiere of #TheWolfAndTheMedallion'!Online at itsashort.com and followed by a googlehangout and twitter-chat!Our featured artist, Jeremy Collins, is a phenomenal adventurer! See you tomorrow night 8 pm CST! itsashort.comitsashorttheblog ...more

What's Up? If only ...

Was it The Color of her Dress, the look in her eye, a stolen glance...can he conquer his fears and live his dream?...more

What's Up? Guess who's singing Alicia Keys!

No we did not know that there is an italian version of the TV show, The Voice, but, it’s not a surprise. What is a surprise, as always, are who the contestants turn out to be and the video below is definitely, no exception. We had to really think about what it is about this performance that is just totally freak…I think when you watch, everyone from the panel to the audience was ‘gobsmacked’. Finally found a way to use that word! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:...more

R.I.P. Nelson Mandela

R.I.P. Nelson Mandela. He was one of the true global statesman. Below is an interesting clip that graphically demonstrates the very worst of apartheid and the depth of Nelson Mandela's compassion for all South Africans. No tribute will ever be adequate but here's a piece that attempts to acknowledge his extraordinary leadership.Nelson Mandela   itsashort.comitsashorttheblog ...more