Blogging Bootcamp- Got my very first reply!

After finishing my first post, I dipped my toe in the ChatterWorld and got a great response from a reader named Denise.In a nutshell, as I was about to logout for the day, I decided to enter a statement into the "Chatter" section and post it. It went something like this:"Chatter? What chatter? I don't have a Facebook/Pinterest/MySpace/Twitter/whatever-the-fuck account. I don't need an army of virtual publicists!" Here's the response from Denise:Author: Denise|Title: Well if you want to grow...more
So it isn't that you think you don't need that posse, it's that you're not ready for it. Those ...more

Changing Our Lives. One Blog At A Time.

As I type this, my hands are shaking.Equal parts fear and outrage. Afraid of making contact with the outside world and expressing my demands to change the way that we view and treat the mentally ill.Day by day, we slip through the cracks and become invisible within our communities, our families, our healthcare system. ...more