Simple Ways to Keep From Getting Sick This Cold and Flu Season (I Blame the Kids)

We have never been big germ people. I mean, we spend most of our time on airplanes, had both kids on an airplane at 6 weeks and while we encourage hand washing and general cleanliness, I usually don’t sweat the small stuff. I mean, I got to a point with the Big Kid where I […] The post Simple Ways to Keep From Getting Sick This Cold and Flu Season (I Blame the Kids) appeared first on It's Fitting ....more

From Hangry to Happy – Snacks for Hungry Kids

Thank you to Tree Top for helping curb those hangry moments. Anything you can do to make life with the Peanut...more

Holiday Travel :: Carry Less, Spend Less, Gift More?

This post was sponsored by Texture. Tis the season. The season to pack up most of your belongings, stuff them into a bag, hop on an airplane and travel over the meadow, through the woods all the way to Grandmas/Moms/some other relation’s house ....more

El Niño is Coming – What the HECK am I Going to do with my Kids Indoors?

In case you hadn’t heard, El Niño is coming and it’s going to be a doozy. Now we definitely need the rain here in California, so I can’t begrudge our state the opportunity to hydrate itself, but if you remember, I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with the rain. While I love […] The post El Niño is Coming – What the HECK am I Going to do with my Kids Indoors? ...more

A Fit Kit – Just for You with Over $500 in Goodies! #Giveaway #Run10Feed10

So I’m finally running a race, which I haven’t done for a million years. The last time I ran any sort of timed distance I had no boyfriend, no husband and certainly did not have two kids that both alternatively made me happy and drove me crazy. I was very, very young ....more

Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes

So yeah, it’s been a while. School starting and life resuming has kind of messed with me a little bit, so I’m scaling back a LOT in order to focus more on my kids and our home. Not a bad thing but I’ve missed the catharsis that comes with baking and cooking and writing about […] The post Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes appeared first on It's Fitting ....more

Summer’s Almost Over : One Last Play-Well TEKnologies Camp?

Remember how a few weeks ago we had a chance to drop into a Play-Well Teknologies session? Well a few weeks after...more

Things to Do with Kids : Play-Well TEKnologies

In case you hadn’t noticed… we like LEGOs ’round these parts. Chima, Star Wars, the Architecture Series… it’s all awesome and appreciated around here. The Big Kid loves to sit upstairs and build and imagine and create and contemplate world domination...more

Summertime in the Bay Area : Things to do with Kids : California Academy of Sciences

OHHAITHERE. What? I’m totally alive, promise ....more

Don't Let the Skirt Fool You

I have always been what I like to categorize as a sporty, girly-girl. When I was young, playing high school field hockey I LOVED wearing our cute plaid skirts to play in. Our lacrosse skirts were even shorter, but still just as plaid and JUST as adorable. I was a killer on the field, but still enjoyed wearing the occasional bow in my French braids. I could be cute, but still be functional. As a sports player who wore a skirt, I accepted the idea that I could always wear skirts with shorts underneath....more