The Best Family Vacations Are Stress-Free

 We are a family of travelers, it's true. So when faced with the option to put my children onto an airplane or in a car and schlep them somewhere, I don't balk at the chance. But even I get a tremor of fear when it comes to staying in a hotel with my kids, because kids, in hotels... *shudder* But when we were offered a night at the Embassy Suites by Hilton™ Waterfront San Francisco for a weekend staycation in the City by the Bay, I thought, what the heck....more

The Best Family Vacations are Stress-Free

Let’s be honest. You ask any mom what their ideal vacation would be and it usually will NOT include their children. Because as a dear friend once said to me, vacation with your children is usually like being at home, only in a different location ....more

Summer Vacation Destinations : Hike, Bike and Camp in Heber Valley!

Thanks to Heber Valley for helping me plan my next family vacation! All opinions are my own though… can’t WAIT to visit!...more

Easy and Healthy Breakfast Recipe- Perfect for Summer!

It’s hot. Like so blasted hot that I am sitting on the couch, sweating from the heat of the...more

Getting into Shape with Orangetheory Fitness – Prepare to Get Your A** Kicked

Dude. Still sore. Because in case you missed it, an Orangetheory Fitness opened up a few towns over and I decided to check it out ....more

Easter Bunny Photos : Admit it, You Do it Too

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Simple Ways to Keep From Getting Sick This Cold and Flu Season (I Blame the Kids)

We have never been big germ people. I mean, we spend most of our time on airplanes, had both kids on an airplane at 6 weeks and while we encourage hand washing and general cleanliness, I usually don’t sweat the small stuff. I mean, I got to a point with the Big Kid where I […] The post Simple Ways to Keep From Getting Sick This Cold and Flu Season (I Blame the Kids) appeared first on It's Fitting ....more

Simple Ways to Keep From Getting Sick This Cold and Flu Season (I Blame the Kids)

BLEACH IT TILL IT DIES. Ahem. More specifically, Clorox it. Because that stuff will OWN those nasty little bugs and germs and viruses and god-knows-what-else they are bringing home. So I wipe everything down, from remotes to door knobs to counters to toilets. I spray with Clean-Up, I bleach sheets and white towels, scrub toilets and scrub all surfaces with disinfecting wipes.DIE GERMS DIE....more

From Hangry to Happy – Snacks for Hungry Kids

Thank you to Tree Top for helping curb those hangry moments. Anything you can do to make life with the Peanut...more

Holiday Travel :: Carry Less, Spend Less, Gift More?

This post was sponsored by Texture. Tis the season. The season to pack up most of your belongings, stuff them into a bag, hop on an airplane and travel over the meadow, through the woods all the way to Grandmas/Moms/some other relation’s house ....more