The GrownUp Holiday Gift Guide

It’s official, I’m tired of brainstorming what to get the kids for Christmas. After all, figuring out the latest Frozen merchandise is MUCH less exciting than buying fun and exciting things for my friends. Especially when those friends enjoy what I do… wine, food and pretty things ....more

Happy Halloween!

I hope you stuffed your face with candy. The post Happy Halloween! appeared first on It's Fitting ....more

They Grow Up So Fast

The Peanut has learned duck face. Delightful. The post They Grow Up So Fast appeared first on It's Fitting ....more

Mamarazzi turned… not sure.

Lately I’ve been going 8 million miles an hour. Need to write Need to cook Need to bake Need to take pictures… No wait,...more

Fall Rites of Passage

Today was the first day that the weather actually indicated the advent of fall. It was cold, grey, drizzly and awesome. We did not get any measurable rain (BOO) but it was nice to dream right? ...more

How a Girl is Different Than a Boy

Like, no shit, right? But I guess I didn’t expect things to be SO different. The Big Kid was crazy in his own right, but more measured, more calm, more reasonable ....more

Fuel Up to Play 60 | Are YOU Fueled Up?

My kids obsession with sports and moving...more

Birthdays, Disneyland and Sick Days

So no, no one was actually “sick”. It was just my first experience in pulling my child out of school for vacation and making him truant. Naughty mommy ....more

I Present … a Five Year Old

The whole post is to come… but for now, I present to you, My Five Year Old. ...more

How to Make New Friends | ClickAway 14

I’m not a newbie to conferences. I’ve been to my fair share of BlogHers, Bloggy Bootcamps, and various blogging/social media gatherings. My first BlogHer I even rolled in solo, and came out with some of the most amazing online friends ....more