What's in a Name..."Falling in Style"

I have been blogging here for about a year and a half and this started as a fun little distraction from the everyday. "One Chic Mom" was just my attempt to help friends get out of yoga pants and sweat shirts and embrace their bodies and style. It was selfish and vain and fun and MINE ....more

Words of Wisdom

My youngest sister and my sister-in-law are both pregnant and due within a month (and a bit) of each other. I'm overjoyed for them and I also know that it might be difficult. I've had five pregnancies and four children and each pregnancy was a wondrous and scary time ....more

Simply Styled

In Toronto the heat is blistering, with humidity it's around 39 C (or 100 F). I don't need the chambray shirt outside. The issue is the air conditioning in most buildings, it is so cold I need to keep it in my shopping bag so I don't freeze to death ....more

Heat Wave

I love summer and I love the heat. Humidity does not phase me...my hair is a different story. I have been enjoying some me time (my children were whisked away to a cottage with their grandparents) and it's easy to get ready and have an enjoying day running errands without the kids ....more

We Have Power!!

On early Monday evening Toronto was hit with heavy rain fall and sections of the city were flooded. My family and I were fortunate enough to be spared any flooding in our home but had no electricity from Monday evening till late Wednesday afternoon. My saving grace was that my children are with my in-laws and we were all spared from their discomfort ....more

Polka Dots & Floral

I've stated on several occasions I'm learning how to wear patterns and mix them. An easy way is with this polka dot blazer and floral print shoe. Small subtle patterns, one being a neutral (navy polka dots on white) and the floral is more eye catching ....more

Pretty in Pink

I have been waiting to use that title.When I pick out a dress I look for a very simple and sleek silhouette. It always works on me and it's no fuss. It's not that I don't try different silhouettes, it's just that they usually don't look good on me ....more

LBD because of Vichy

When I am invited to PR events I get excited - it's time to play dress up! No kids tugging or pulling on me, I'm not wiping up spilled milk (or anything really) or getting grease on my clothes because someone didn't wash their hands or any. During Luminato, Toronto's Festival of Arts and Creativity I was able to attend Vichy's Skin Health Centre where I was given a complete skin work up and learned that my skin is extremely dehydrated ....more

Summer is Officially Underway

School is out, Canada has been celebrated and now the real work starts...entertaining the kids before they go back to school. Well, not really entertain them (they need to figure that on their own), but have some stuff planned. To be honest, I don't have much planned for the kids ....more

I Can't Resist a Maxi Dress

There are a few articles of clothing I "collect" and it's all because of my height. One of them is pants, if a pair of pants is long enough I swear there is an insane woman screaming in my head "YOU HAVE TO BUY THOSE PANTS, WHO CARES IF YOU HAVE 100 PAIRS IN YOUR CLOSET. THEY ARE LONG ENOUGH ....more