There's A Name...Then There's A Chinese Name

I call my belly tenant Scout, but that's just a maternal nickname. We still have a major task of coming up with Scout's legal name. As if that isn't difficult enough, my boss had to give me (well, she gave it to me more for A ) this article to read: Tricky Job - Choosing the Right Name For Your Child by Teh Kok Tiong. She just had to remind me that Scout will have a Chinese name....more

Monsoon Rains Leaves Half of Metro Manila, Philippines Paralyzed

It's been raining for 2 weeks and water is just everywhere! But today, Metro Manila is just surrounded with flood water. Dams have opened their gates to release excess water. Everything's fine from where we are, no flood, but I couldn't say the same to a lot of people in the metro today. read more here...more

Falling In And Out Of Love From Peter's Butter Ball

Of all the candies that I've eaten, this has got to be my most memorable one. I'm not sure if this was the first candy that I've eaten, but I do recall buying this and the cola version when I was back in grade school.This candy tasted more like caramel than butter. Being sweet-toothed, I was consuming this everyday back when I was a lot younger, until that fateful more here...more

My Sweet Of the Day

Now that a number of our colleagues are back from their annual home leaves, we have a surge of goodies from their trips. Yay annual home leaves!...more

Me And My Mango Salsa

This has got to be one of my favorite sidings to make. It takes quite a lot of prep time because of all the dicing involved, but other than that, it's quite simple to do. Ingredients:8 tomatoes, deseeded and diced1 mango, diced1 red onion, dicedextra virgin olive oilparsley, choppedjuice of half a lemonsaltpepper...more

Cheap To Chic Glass Lamps

Glass lamps are so in nowadays. I keep seeing them in malls and can be quite pricey, ranging up to a few thousands depending on the size and details involved.  I really like them as a decor, but not really interested in using the lamps. So, I had to resort to other means.I have an idea on how to go about it, it's more of the availability of the materials that I need to worry about.Read more here...more

Gratitudes: El Idea Galletas From Bacolod

Today, I thought of starting a gratitude journal as an exercise for me to recognize things that I should be thankful for in our daily life - no matter how simple and casual it may seem to be.When I got to work this morning, I found this on my desk:read more here ...more

I Started A Joke, But The Joke Was On Me

AND THE JOKE'S ON ME03/07/20120 Comments...more

My Favorite Joke(r)

It's day 1 of my NaBloPoMo entry for July. It's a good thing that I have writing prompts to guide me. It was a struggle for me at first to come up with a favorite joke - not because I have the absence of one, it's more of I have a number of them....more

Instructions For Life By The Dalai Lama

I was browsing a friend's Facebook page when I came across one of her posts that lead me to this link that lists 20 ways to get good karma. Read more here: