Grab These 5 Books for Dad for Father's Day

Father's Day is here! What did you get your old man? Another stupid tie he doesn't need? More grilling paraphernalia? Get the best dude in your life something that he'll love....more

This is the cutest book ever: Lola and Tattletale Zeke by Marcia Goldman

Tattletales are the WORST!!! I have two kiddos of my own and I have seen the damage tattling can cause. In our house, Pumpkin, the younger sister, would tattle on #1 son about EVERYTHING.It was awful. And so annoying. I'm sure I'm not the only parent who suffered through this experience! How do you teach little ones the difference between tattling and informing?...more

Lisa Scottoline: Every Fifteen Minutes

You might have remembered me telling you that I'm a Lisa Scottoline fan? To be sure, she doesn't write kids books but you must know that I read other books besides kids' books, right?...more

Books You Might Want to Read in Light Of Bruce Jenner's Transgender Decision

Wow. Bruce Jenner has been in the news a lot lately and whether you understand his transgender decision or not, it's probably time that we start to understand transgenderism. I'm by no means an expert but just like you, I want to know what it's all about and I want to be open and available to people who are identifying with a body different from the one they were born with. ...more

Blogging from #AtoZChallenge: A- Anna Banana

It's April 1st! Welcome to the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge! My Theme this year is Diversity. I'm going to (try to) bring you a multicultural book every day this month!! It's day UNO and the letter is A ...more

What's In My Ear: I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

Welcome to this edition of What's In My Ear! Today's submission is a little gem called I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson ...more

What's In My Ear: The Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Well, this time I've gone and outdone myself. I've uglied myself up. I know what you're thinking; That won't be too durn hard Pammy Pam! And I suppose you're right! Why have I gone and uglied myself up? In honor of The Uglies by Scott Westerfeld! ...more

Wildfire by Mary Pauline Lowry

I love when I find an author who writes strong female characters. Who doesn’t love strong girls who follow their minds, don’t let anyone boss them around and have their own adventures? That’s why I love me some Mary Pauline Lowry.  Our shared hometown of Austin and our love of grrrl power makes us kindred spirits.Mary’s latest book is Wildfire and I loved it so much I made a video. Check it out.  ...more

CYBILS Award review: While We Run

OMG I've never read anything like While We Run before! The cover is so breathtaking I can't stand it! The superimposed images of a white girl and a black boy are amazing. I couldn't wait to dig into it.Abdi Taalib thought he was moving to Australia for a music scholarship. But after meeting the beautiful and brazen Tegan Oglietti, his world was turned upside down. Tegan's no ordinary girl - she died in 2027, only to be frozen and brought back to life in Abdi's time, 100 years later....more
Denise how did i miss this comment? i read books out of order all the time. but this is the ...more

Challenge Yourself to Read Diverse Books in 2015

It's time for diversity! I've been wanting to start my own reading challenge and I've finally done it! Let's ring in 2015 with a reading challenge that celebrates the multicultural reader and challenges the status quo. Presenting An Unconventional Librarian's 2015 Diversity Reading Challenge! #DiversityReadingChallenge ...more
Karen Ballum I'd be surprised if you hadn't already read this one, but you mentioned narrative ...more