Breakups: Losing a best friend

One of the hardest things about breaking up with someone is that you lose a best friend. Photo Credit: Hilda Solis via Compfight...more

I used to want to change people...

I used to want to fix people, but now I just want to be with them.- Bob Goff  A few years ago I got a temporary job in a city that I had been planning to move to for so long. My brother suggested I stay in a hotel since it was a temporary job, but I knew I would get a permanent job soon, and I was ready to be on my own, so I ignored his advice got an apartment and moved to the city... Three days later, the temporary job (which was supposed to last for at least a month), ended abruptly....more

I give you permission to call them STUPID

You don't owe it to the world to be pretty, to be attractive, to dress like they tell you to dress. You don't owe it to the world to wear the color they say is "cute" on you, or the shape they say is flattering for your figure. ...more
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Fighting Jealousy

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Aren't you tired of wishing?

 I've been doing a lot of wishing lately... I've been wishing that I hadn't said that, or hadn't done that, or that I had taken the opportunity when I had a chance...I've been wishing you could understand, wishing you would ask me about it, wishing I could speak boldly and clearly......more

(10) Stop having sex – Beat loneliness | Impossible is Stupid: 57 Ways

TEN.  (57 Ways to  Beat Loneliness & Depression)   Stop having sex. (if you're not married)There is nothing on this side of death that is as pleasurable as sex. It feels great, it makes you feel connected, it relieves's an all around good time....more

I've decided that I'm not going to die

The Multiple Personalities of a writer

In the last few months, I've been writing.One of my new year's goals was to write and publish a book, and as the year is going by so quickly I have been frantically writing...The funny thing is that while I spent a lot of the time writing, I found out that I spent a lot more time doing everything else... Here is the list of how many people it would take to replace me...more