UGH the stupid

UGH I don't even know where to start since legally I can't say what I want to. First off I have dated some real losers in my day (haven't we all) but I have never dated anyone who was so uninformed, so not business smart or that out right disrespected my job until now.  Most people around me and those I have dated in the past fully understand that don't just have a job. I run a business and am part of an industry. We use the money we make to support our families, run households and such. I'm not fully sure WHY this is hard to understand. ...more

Why are women catty human beings?

I was on the phone with an old friend this morning. In the middle of the conversation the door bell rang. I went to the door and it was the maid. So i told my friend that I would have to call her back the maid was there. I took care of what I needed to do and called her back about 4 hours later. I said I was sorry for taking so long to call her back. She pops off with "it must be nice to have it like that" I was like HUH? ...more

Jenna Jameson...The nanny debate...and childhood bullies

I was reading the TMZ comment section under photos of Jenna Jameson and her babies. People were posting such horrible comments about Jenna AND her babies. WTF? Most of the comments had to do with Jenna's kids being teased when they get older. How about THIS... how about we teach children that teasing and making fun of others is WRONG?!?! How about parents do their job and teach their children the way to treat others? ...more

Welfare.... is it fair?

After working a 14 hour day I talked to my ex on the phone. We were both shopping for groceries. This is a man makes a good living but had surgery a few weeks back so he cant work right now. Fine. I understand that. He then starts talking about his EBT (which i found out is a welfare card) and his WIC checks. I was like WAIT!!! You are still getting checks from your employer and you are getting disability AND he has a girlfriend who is now working and living in the house and he gets welfare. WTF? ...more

See personally I think if you are military and are serving our country you shouldnt HAVE to ...more

WOW It's been awhile......

WOW so much to say but not really lol It's been awhile since I did an actual blog. I have been twittering a lot tho. lol Right now is a VERY busy time around here. I am getting ready for my next rounds of photoshoots. Which means I have been shopping like crazy.I had to find a new makeup artist UGH  and I am playing my own stylist this time around. Which should be pretty easy. Who knows what I like to wear better than I do right? ...more

Miss California can take her crown and shove it

Ok first off I am VERY pro gay people being able to get married. They have the right to be as unhappy as we straight people and with the divorce rate at 50%+ maybe THEY can figure out how to make it work bc we sure haven't. Personally gay people getting married only effects my life in the number of wedding gifts I have to buy and the number of times I have to say NO I will NOT wear a dress with a butt-bow. Live and let live. As for the topless pictures....of COURSE I have nothing against them. What issue I do have is LYING about them on an application. ...more

My mother said the most horrible thing (IMO)

I was on the phone with my mother and we were talking about a family member who was raped and my mother had the nerve to say she needs to get over it and move on.  WHAT kind of woman says that? ...more


lol I had no idea what to title this blog. I'm going back to California in the morning so this will be short. I've been back in Vegas for a week pretty much to collect my things. After all the tears and crap my fertility items didn't even sell. Someone said that ight be a sign. Yeah a sign that I either prices them too high or put them on the wrong sites lol I'm gonna try craigslist or something. I've spent the last week working on webcam and promoting my booty off. Been spending a lot of time inside. ...more

Help my new friend have a WONDERFUL weddding

I know I was supposed to blog about my life and blah blah but my new friend on twitter sandc4e is trying to win her wedding night dinner. Now we all know how costly weddings in general can be. This contest is a chance for this couple to not only cut the cost but have an AMAZING dinner after they get married here in wonderful Las Vegas. Until last night they were way in the lead and now not so much. Something strange seems to have happened. The person "beating" them some how got over 100 votes in just a couple hours. Something smells fishy yall!! ...more

Hi Izzy!

Thanks so much and thank you to all the folks ...more

Not as hard as I thought....

OK so I guess with the title I spoke too soon. I put all of my fertility aids up for sale. When I first did it I was "ok" but I sat down to write this blog and just started to cry. It's just so odd. Last September I was running to a Walgreens on the Las Vegas strip bc I had left my basil body thermometer somewhere and I just couldn't function without it. My life revolved around waking up taking my temp then peeing on my clear blue easy monitor test stick. Day after day after day. WOW I peed a lot huh? ...more

:) Thank you. That really does give me a lot of hope. Everyone keeps telling me to stop ...more