Our Very First Blog Give-away/Drawing - Come Join in on the FUN!!! :)

  We are very excited to announce that we are holding our first Blog Give-Away.   Inspired by my buddy, PH (Lisa), Krisdyn and I have decided to host at least one giveaway a month, just as a thank-you for joining our site and reading our blog!   This month we are giving away what you see in the picture.   1 - 1/2 pt. jar of our homemade applebutter   2 kitchen towels   ...more

The Swine Flu - Should you worry???

"With the flu season approaching, and apparently starting (as we have all been sick this week), there are some tough decisions placed on us as parents. Do we or do we not vaccinate against the swine flu this year?I have struggled over this decision for some weeks now and have come to the conclusion that we will NOT vaccinate. In discussing it with my husband, we decided that the factors weigh heavy towards not vaccinating our children.As with any big decision to become well-informed, I hit the internet. ...more

The Simply Perfect Life - Live, Love & Laugh! Enjoy Life....very simply.

The Simply Perfect LifeĀ  Please click on the title aboveĀ to go to my blog. I just started it yesterday, so very little is added yet. :) ...more

Hi Crystal!

Thanks for joining my blog. :)

The ads are real easy to add. You need ...more