falling in love with Fall

Perhaps no one loves the changing of the seasons more than I.  The smell of the crisp leaves burning to an ash from your neighbors’ yard, the crunching of the dried fallen leaves under-foot as you kick-step your way down a winding path that is littered with Autumns’ foliage.  Also, the chill in the air that signals to all, that winter is soon to make its  d’ebut into the year.  As this time comes near many of us query to oneself, ”why do we get or are so blessed with this bounty of colors?”  I am sure that most of us have learned while in Sabbath School, that God cr...more

Honduras...home sweet home!

Flying over the bluest blue oceans I was wondering where shall we land next; where should our next destination be now?…feeling a little homesick I decided to land in my home country—Honduras!  Afterall, should not the Pilot visit where she first took her scheduled flight!?!  I love Honduras and all the memories of childhood.  Nestled in my mother’s arms I felt the safety love and security which one feels as a child with loving parents.  Therefore there is little wonder why I long to revisit my homeland!  Oh how I hope, it will still be the beautiful land from which ...more

Looking for the newest thing "Dîner en Blanc ® translation: Dinner in White!

As I was watching one of my favorite television programs last week, as I was doing my normal channel surfing, I stumbled upon “Bravo’s Top Master Chef“.    This program begins with certain challenges that each chef/contestant is required to perform.  One of the challenges, that evening was to prepare a “picnic-type 3 meal preparation on one day…that will be served on the very next day.  After much toil and labour the chefs, along with viewing audience, which included me…discover that the picnic was in fact a flash mob picnic a la………....more

Why I Blog

I  love blogging for other to be happy and enjoy life.  I began my blog in order to enable ...more