All We Have Is All We Need...

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The Twins Did It Again...

 Have I told you that my Mom has an identical twin sister?...more

And Now A Word About Chickens and Babies...


What's In Your Nose?

What's In Your Nose?  ...more

What Is The Hurry?

This whole summer I have been running at a hectic pace.  I haven't taken the time to enjoy much.  As a result, I have burned out, have had some depression and I can't even really tell you anything we did this summer.  Sad. How I've lived the past few months is opposite of the title of this Blog.  I haven't Embraced much...except home and at the office. ...more

Seeing Through A Different Lens...The Lens of Having a Child With A Disability...

For the past two weeks I have been the Mom of a child in a wheelchair.  Since Kyler broke his leg he has been in a full leg cast and uses a wheelchair.  He will have the cast for at least six more weeks and then he will have a boot and possibly be in the wheelchair until Christmas.   Having a child with a disability (albeit a temporary one) is diff...more
Thank you Mama Bear...your words are a blessing to me today. @My Son Has 2 Brainsmore

Knowing Who My Father is...Part 2

And so the story continues.  To read the part 1 click here. Forgiveness. ...more

Knowing Who My Father Is...Part 1

"Heavenly Father, You are my Restorer.  You restore all that has been taken, destroyed, devoured, or lost from my life"  (Adapted from Psalm 23:3)...more

Organizing With A Dash of Cute...

I'm an Organizer.  A Planner.  I like to know what I'm doing next week...even next month.  My job requires that I be organized...but's who I am.  I find that if I don't write things in my planner they get forgotten.  This may mean that I have too much going on in my life.  Yes...that's probably exactly what it means.  However, I like to plan and organize my time...files...and documents. About Technology. ...more

Thanks for your comment Jenni. It really does help me to be focused on the important things if ...more

Practice Makes Perfect...Well Almost...

Good Morning!  ...more