You Aren't Crafty, You're Blessed

I Get To Eat Dinner

 I admittedly get caught up in all of the things that I want and how I'm often unhappy with the things I have. So many times I complain about the house that we rent and how I don't like the way the water smells or how the hot water heater is in our closet. I get annoyed that my 10 month old's room isn't all that pretty. In other words, I'm petty. I wish I could afford that cute cream colored 4 door Mini Cooper that I want, go on weekend trips and buy a few new pairs of shoes. ...more

Please, Don't Touch My Child's Face

We were very lucky to not experience too many people trying to touch Norah when she was a newborn. We got lots of, "Congrats, she's cute" in the store but people politely kept their distance. Suddenly now that she's older that is all different. Now that Norah (who is currently almost 10-months-old) is old enough to sit in the grocery cart she is apparently free game. You'd think that seeing as I have a cart cover to protect her from all of the flesh eating viruses (shopping carts are where those are found right??), people would realize I'm one of THOSE parents....more
I completely agree. It's funny- people always ask if they can pet my dog, but they never ask ...more

The Need to Be a Perfect First Time Mom

I often feel like I need to prove myself as a mom, especially as a first time mom. My guess is many moms have felt that way at one point or another. There are many times when I take comments personally that were probably not intended to be taken as a criticism....more
Oh, and the phrase "Charity begins at home" is not a specifically American one. Please read ...more