Leave the Pregnant Man Alone!

After a nine year marriage, Thomas Beatie, who became famous in 2008 for giving birth to a little girl, and his wife Nancy are calling it quits. Beatie was born a woman but began transitioning to male in 2002, taking testosterone and having his breasts removed, but kept his female reproductive organs so that he could have children-- three, to be precise. Despite his pregnancy, Beatie told Barbara Walters that "I felt like Nancy's husband, and I felt like the father of my child." ...more

Lady Gaga's Anti-Bullying Campaign: Will It Work?

In keeping with her anti-bullying message, Lady Gaga has set up a campaign called Born This Way, "which will support programs and initiatives that deal with all aspects of empowering youth. The non-profit charitable organization will lead youth into a braver new society where each individual is accepted and loved as the person they were born to be. BTWF will focus on youth empowerment and equality by addressing issues like self-confidence, well-being, anti-bullying, mentoring and career development and will utilize digital mobilization as one of the means to create positive change." ...more
Lady Gaga.....My 15 y/o son committed sucicide after this school bus ride home. The two 12th ...more

"Real Women Have Curves" and Other Ways You're Not Helping

Posting a picture of Sophia Loren or Christina Hendricks on your Facebook as if it were some sort of radical, daring alternative to opressive patriarchal beauty standards is foolish at best, and harmful at worst. Seeing these kinds of images doesn't make me feel good, it makes me feel like being a womanly, curvaceous Venus is the only alternative I have to being super-skinny. The reality is that I, like many women, am neither very skinny nor lush and voluptuous. I have fat on my thighs and small boobs. I am imperfect. Where do I fit into this dichotomy? ...more
Hi, "Marilyn" girl her.   You know the girl whose body looks a bit pin-uppy, who has big boobs, ...more

Slut-Shaming Snooki

**This post is fairly graphic** Anyone who reads gossip columns (guilty) knows by now that Snooki of Jersey Shore has been having some incontinence issues, which she attributes to a urinary tract infection. After peeing on the dance floor of a club last episode, she admitted to Andy Cohen that, "I'm such a dirty little rat.. when I'm drunk, it's just, anything goes." The audience cheered and laughed. She then hypothesized that she got her UTI "from, like, butt sex or something." ...more

Go Home, Occupy Oakland!

I've officially had it with the Occupy Oakland protesters. They seem intent on destroying any iota of credibility the movement still has. It's embarrassing. First, on Sunday, they tried to illegally take over a convention center to "draw attention to the problem of homelessness." When the police attempted to stop them, albeit violently, the protesters responded by pelting them with bottles, rocks, and other objects. There goes all your public sympathy, assholes. ...more

Nothing Is Apolitical

Arizona's ban on ethnic studies received a new wave of attention recently when an administrative law judge confirmed the illegality of programs that supposedly advocate racial solidarity and resentment. ...more

Truly Pro Choice

There's a big difference between being pro-abortion and pro-choice. While members of the former camp seek to protect legal access to abortion, those of the latter, including myself, know that abortion is merely one of many reproductive options that should be available to all women. ...more

New Yorkers Aren't Rude. They're Efficient.

A few years ago, after a month-long summer vacation in the quiet, peaceful Nova Scotia, where I have family, I deboarded a plane at LaGuardia Airport and set out to find out which bus would take me to the subway. I was tired and spaced out, but I eventually found it, and when I got on, opened my wallet to pull out the $2.25 fare, scrounging for quarters and nickels amidst a pile of Canadian money. After about two minutes of holding up the bus to find my fare, I heard someone yell from the back, "Hurry the hell up!" ...more

Christopher Hitchens: Margaret Thatcher Was Sexy

I found this gem in the Huffington Post yesterday, a posthumously published "brilliant, perfect jewel of an essay on politics and sexuality" by the late, great Christopher Hitchens. When Hitchens met Margaret Thatcher in the late 1970s, he was immediately struck by her assertiveness and, um, sex appeal. "It was at the annual conference that, as I stood in the body of the hall, it hit me. That feline smile, the composed but definite body-language, the voice at once stern and cajoling... to say nothing of the Valkyrie helmet of blond locks. My god! She has them in her thrall! And she knows it! ...more
Get over yourself. Maggie was super-hot. Even if she were not a politician. And there's nothing ...more

Dance Moms Returns!

Yesterday, one of my favorite shows, Dance Moms, returned to Lifetime for its second season. I would be kidding myself if I claimed that my primary motivation for watching it wasn't hedonistic in nature, but I'm not a believer in "mindless entertainment." Even the most seemingly valueless books, movies, and TV shows (think Jersey Shore) can tell us something about the society in which we live and interact with one another. It is with this mindset that I kick back every week and indulge in a little Sister Wives and the other reality TV shows that my family makes fun of me for watching. ...more