5 Tips For Building an Effective Professional Network

Networking can really boost your career, especially when you're entering a new field. Your professional network can be a source for mentoring, job opportunities and other vital connections. In this post, Margaret Young shares strategies for identifying your potential network and making it a reality. Young is currently CEO of Mill Square Group, a marketing services company specializing in growth strategy development and online marketing. ...more

What makes a Successful Entrepreneur? Join us for a Visionary Voices Webinar with Moira Forbes

Visionary Voices is a partnership between Kaplan University and top thought leaders to bring great ideas and the lived experience of established experts to the world. ...more

Lifelong Learning: The Benefits of School After 50

People over 50 are some of the most enthusiastic seekers of postsecondary education and lifelong learning. There's nothing to stop them from inventing new ways of doing things, especially at Kaplan University. Hear what influential thinkers and students 50+ are saying. ___________________________________________________ ...more
I agree with reinventing yourself after age 50.  I returned to college and completed my ...more