It’s a Boy!

The highs and lows of the week roller-coasted with such a centrifugal force of hormones that a Rite of Passage collided with a Mens Warehouse. I bought The Boy his first suit today for his 8th grade graduation tomorrow. I couldn’t take him before today because he’s been cramming for finals. The Boy is 6 feet tall and weighs 155 pounds. These vital statistics prove he is a freak of nature as just yesterday he was less than 7 ...more

Annual Anonymity

Sometimes analogies are as clear as glass like I feel as giddy as champaign is bubbly or I am as low as a crab in an ocean trench. In fact, our DNA wires our brains to seek patterns from nothingness. This drive to create order compels us to interpret our dreams and identify concrete symbols from abstraction. Our medium is meaning and we seek to understand. We want to know and to be safe and feel well ....more

“I Gotta” List

The May dance Here jigs a dervish as frantic as the one I recall and trust that  you are also doing There. It’s an aerobic month that demands inventory and industry with more than a dash of insanity. With no end to the list of things I gotta do, my children also scramble to meet their many, various objectives ....more

The Body

The decision to move from to Here from melted a slow, liquid process like ice caps. The final call was time-lapse photography worthy of PBS Nature episode. Nature programs always make me think of my grandfather, who was hypnotically fascinated by snakes. If a during a segment a snake began to hunt, he expected total silence in the room, an homage not only to the chase, but to the fallen. Whether or not the snake ate well that night, the ...more

“If You’re Like Me…”

If you’re like me, there are certain words or phrases that set your teeth on edge, for example, “If you’re like me…” Why do people say that? What sense does it make? The underlying assumption slaps the I’m right assertion with a heavy hand. Its backhand hits on the recoil, <subtext> and if you’re not like me you’re stupid. This phrase is kin to another irksome spin, “You’re like me that way.” ...more

Darn Kids!

It’s time to come clean. Amid the transitional issues from Here to There, one of the kids has developed some serious behavioral issues. We’ve consulted experts in the field and done family sessions together, but thus far, nothing seems to help. It’s reached a crisis point both in terms of marital resources as well as how the other kids respond. They know we would NEVER put up with these behaviors from them and are tired of making concession after concession for ...more


Many life changing transitions come down to one sentence. The phone rings, the in-box pings, the letter arrives registered and requires signature, and silent words unspoken crash like thunder in a storm. Such sentences silence hearts and still rooms as they simultaneously shift everything into two indelible categories: Before X and After X. My life changed 10 days ago with such a sentence said by The Husband, “I hate that you are not thriving Here.” ...more

May I Please See Your ID?

So I got a new gig. The gig’s a good one, but it comes with a name tag. The name tag serves the dual purpose of security clearance and identification. At a glance, children and parents may easily recognize me as a community member. So much so, in fact, that when I first encountered the community I perceived it as a badge of honor. Shiny and white like the patent leather, church shoes I wore as a little girl to ...more

A Little Over the Top

I knew that birthday parties would be different Here when my BFFH (You know the BFF part, the H stands for here) shared her discomfort that her third-grade daughter was invited to a party that she considered, “A little over the top.” Said party promised that a stretch Humvee limo would pick up each 8 year-old princess for a luncheon at the Bistro, a five star “dive” on the beach ....more

Cherished Correspondence

I bathed in loving responses to Mistress Silence yesterday. Thank you precious ones. Used with permission, I post the one that wrapped my heart in a hand-stitched quilt and my response. These words from my gifted Sister in Christ warm me like hot chocolate on a snow day after sledding. To use her own words, may they bless you, “…If our lives can be poured out like a drink offering for the sake of others, then it is worth it.” Dear ...more