Woo hoo, 10lbs down, can I buy new clothes yet??

YEAH!!  SO I lost 10lbs!!  I am so happy, I am now 212.5lbs according to my home scale.  This exercise is really working.  I was worried that it was only the water weight coming off before, but now I feel really good about the 10lbs.  I was feeling so good that I went out and bought a dress for my friend's wedding this summer, a size too small.  This might have been foolish (OK it is totally idiotic), and it actually does fit now, but it would look a lot better if I was maybe 10 more pounds lighter.  I am going to be seeing alot of people at this wedding t...more

I always love buying new clothes when I lose weight. Congratulations. What are you doing to ...more

Getting insulted by your son and keeping a smile on your face, and a yummy recipe.

OK so the other day my 3 yr old son say to me mommy, you have such a smushy belly.  Then the next day he wants to know what boobies are and what that lump in the middle of my belly is (my stomach), as opposed to what boobies are.  Besides the boobie comment, which I deflected with the generic, everyone had boobies, some peoples are bigger than others.  Argh, even my son is noticing that my belly is big.  Darn children, stretching out the stomach, now all my fat goes there.  I do look slightly pregnant, and I am not!!...more

Crunches alone will not get rid of belly fat! In my experience, as you lose weight, it ...more

All work and no sleep makes Jaime a,a, zzz. . .

Ok so what do you do when you think your job is making you fat?...more

OMG, you can eat healthy too. Or rather, Wow I lost 3 lbs!

So I weighed myself today, a day early I know, but I had to see if what I was doing was working, and shockingly I am down to 220lbs, and that was with jeans on!  I realizze this is not much and that the beginning water weight comes off "easy", but I am quite happy at my little 3lbs.  ...more

That's great! Keep up the good work :)more

Holy Butt!! I didn't know I weighed that much!!

OK so I stepped on the scale, and I was astonished, I am 223lbs.  WOW!  I did not realize that I weighed that much, didn't really think it was possible, but damn, as the Wii Fit would say, "Ohh that's obese."  I have always hid it well, I have always fooled those people that shout at you at carnivals, "I'll guess your weight, and if not you'll win a prize!"  I always won.   I guess I thought that, wow I can be fat and no one will really notice. I guess the biggest person I was fooling was myself.  After discussing with my husband, I...more

Good luck with the weight loss goals! I'm on a similar journey myself and will be cheering you ...more

Good morning, it is time for a diet.

OK, so this is my first experiment with blogging.  I wanted an outlet to express myself and to be able to hold myself accountable for the things I say and do, i.e. dieting.  Plus I wanted to write something that was more than 140 characters :)  ...more

Thanks for the welcome, I am hoping this will be a good outlet for me. I am going to try to ...more