Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

I did it! I'm so excited that I got a little time to convert my amazing sugar free sugar cookies into gluten free sugar cookies!...more

Keeping Up With Nicole

Tracy's back!My sister is safely back at school for her last semester of undergraduate! She's shaken, but not broken. She's working on getting her life slowly back to where it was.She and my dad flew in two weeks ago. My sister only has class two days out of the week, but she only had one day of classes that week. She and dad spent most of the week at my house doing homework and hanging out. Unfortunately, I have no time off of work and was not able to take off at all to spend extra time with them....more

A Much “Kneeded” Post

I know this blog is supposed to be about my rescued dogs and my chronic illness, but it seems like every week it gets more and more about my dogs. I guess you all can guess who runs our house. (Hint: It’s not me or Adam.)Status Update & SoccerMy knees have been doing really well. I joined a soccer team two weeks ago and I’m so happy about it. Although, I can’t remember ever using so many muscles in soccer. Two days after my first game, my abs, arms, legs, and arms all hurt in muscles I didn’t even remember I had....more

Kona's Curve Ball

The crazy eyes of a bored dog!Hello friends! I hope all of you reading on the East Coast survived all of the snow yesterday. Honestly, I'm a little jealous. I'd love to be forced to slow down and spend times with my family, dogs, and my blog....more

My Gluten Free Lifestyle

Gluten free cookies from Gluten Escape!...more

Gluten Free Goals

Mir loves the new bean bag chair!Our 7-foot bean bag chair is here!Our bean bag chair finally came! Adam said that we aren't allowed to call it a bean bag chair because it's actually full of little pieces of memory foam....more

Gluten-Free is Just A Fancy Way to Say Freedom

Here's my big political stance: I'm pro long weekends! There I said it. Even without a gimp knee, there never seems to be enough time to have fun and get everything done that needs to get done. Maybe it's because I don't have a gimp knee that weekends seem to be getting shorter and shorter.This whole gluten-free thing really seems to be working for me.On January 1, I was able to work out on the elliptical for 25 minutes. I followed that with some agility ladder training. Other than the agility ladder being slippery on the concrete basement floor, I had no trouble....more

Day 68: One Week After Kona's Heartworm Shot

Ok, it's really one week and one day after her first heartworm injection, but are you really going to be that picky?Kona's been quite the trooper and overall, we haven't had too many issues keeping her quiet. Miranda seems to be the biggest issue because she really wants to play and sometimes tempts Kona into playing by throwing Kong balls everywhere. Miranda still likes to bark at people walking past our backyard, so that gets Kona riled up too....more

Day 60: Kona's First Heartworm Injection

Kona Bear has no idea what's going on....more

Our Christmas Story: Part II

Let's pick up where we left off in the first part of our Christmas Story.The Saturday after ChristmasSaturday the 26th was a day of catching up on all things Maryland and D.C. The post-Christmas blues didn't really set in because we had Adam's Christmas present (the hockey game) that night, so it felt like we were still celebrating....more