Simplified cottage-style homeschool room

For the past five years, I’ve done a “homeschool room” tour and it’s been interesting to look back at home it’s changed over the years. We’ve never used a dedicated homeschool room, but in our previous home, we had a whole lot of space. Now that we’ve moved to a home half the size, we’ve had to streamline and simplify even more than before ....more

10 healthy habits you can start today

As a homeschooling mom, I get how hard it can be to keep fitness and healthy eating as a priority. My latest example: in order to get out the door for a run, I’ve started bringing my youngest with me, even though I prefer my runs as alone time for clearing my mind. (He enjoys it!) We cannot let kids or busyness stop us from taking care of ourselves ....more

Homeschooling 2016/17

To paraphrase Anne Shirley, I love the start of a homeschool year because it’s brand new, with no mistakes in it yet. No matter how the previous year went, we can let go and move on. Of course we can have a fresh start anytime throughout the year if we choose not to dwell on bad days or a plan that goes off the rails, but I tend to think of a new homeschool year like a crisp new notebook ready to fill in with good things ....more

What we’ve been reading

We love books around here! Because I always enjoy recommendations from other homeschoolers and avid readers, I’ll periodically share what we’ve been reading. A few faves from around the web: What the modern world has forgotten about children and learning – A long article but worth a read ....more

Fave homeschool items if I only had $100

The smell of fresh paper, the delight of sharpened-for-the-first-time pencils… it’s enough to make a homeschool mom swoon. But if I had to limit myself to spending just $100, here’s what I’d choose: World globe I love having a globe because it provides such a visual to learning and for some reason the novelty of looking at a globe never seems to wear off. We’ve had ours for quite a while and it’s most similar to this one but ours was cheaper, with a plastic base ....more

Have-to vs Get-to

When I started running last year, I was very aware of that fact I shouldn’t take the ability for granted. Yes, I was slow. Yes, my asthma makes it more of a challenge sometimes, but still — I can run ....more


“We periodically find ourselves out of alignment with our true selves, and have to reset to get back into our proper groove. We have to remind ourselves what matters to us, what our values are – and make changes so our lives reflect those values. And for introverts I think this is especially true… we’re used to subverting our true selves in order to fit in, to meet expectations… So I think we may be especially susceptible to ending up lost and out of touch with our true north.” Newly hatched sea turtles finding their way to the sea ....more


There’s so much new in our lives. Somewhat surprisingly, I’m enjoying the changes, even though I love my plans and routines. This newness won’t last forever but it feels good because it all seems to be heading in a healthy direction ....more

Life lately: July edition

“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” Friedrich Nietzsche Sometimes a date for me and Ken looks like a day of walking around an adorable town after a yummy lunch. But sometimes a date looks like getting up early to run our first cross-country race: 4.6 miles of fields and woods and orchards and slippery mud, past pigs and goats and probably alligators, too! Good books: Confessions of an Unlikely Runner – Dana L ....more

Sea turtle nesting season

It’s sea turtle nesting season here on the North Carolina coast, and for the first time, we are up close and personal to learn all about it! Our town became part of the sea turtle nest monitoring and protection program in 1989. That makes this the 27th year of the program here on our island! ...more