Co-sleeping is habit forming, and when one does it from just a few weeks old, it’s tough to break out of it! Daddy’s little boy is so used to sleeping on our bed, it is almost as if he gets offended when we push him off. But it sucks, to put it simply. He takes up a lot of space. There is not enough room for us three, and so I usually find myself at the edge of the bed, hanging on for dear life, trying to kick him off. I give this baby a big shove until his stubborn butt finally gets the hint....more
That would totally drive me nuts...stories like this make me not want a dog, seriously. GL ...more

The Newlywed Diet!

I'm not proud of this. Matter of fact, I feel downright the most incompetent wife on the planet, possibly the universe, if wives exist on other planets. I am probably going to misquote, so I'm going to say all the sources I think I heard this was either DL Hughley or Steve Harvey on one of their morning radio shows, or a guest on one of their shows...and it was a while ago (obviously, because sadly I'd be delusional to think I've recently lis...more

Help a Stranger! Why Not?

I'm not saying we should pick someone off the side of the road who looks like he or she may need a ride. However, would it really hurt if you saw someone on the street who is in need of a bite to eat? If someone is asking for some change, why not throw the person a dime or two? Or better yet, give them half of your sandwich, or the bag of chips or pack of cookies you probably shouldn't be eating anyway. I don't understand why people are so judgmental....more

When You Find Out Your Child is Pregnant

An unplanned pregnancy at any age is surprising news. However, when you're the parent of the daughter who admits she is pregnant, or if you are the parent of a son who impregnated a girl, it can be unsettling and hard to deal with. ...more