Are a few answers so much to ask for?

When I was 16 I looked into the mirror to find two very long, very black hairs on my chin. I grabbed some tweezers and plucked them. A few weeks later they were back, so I plucked them again. I thought nothing of them at the time. After all, since puberty I've had several long, wire-like black hairs that grew on my right breast. I tweezed them and by the time I was 16 the hairs were growing back slower and thinner. Now, at almost 34, only one grows back and it's very spindly. But the facial hair got worse. Hairiness, my mom said, ran in her side of the family....more

I sometimes wonder....

~Jami JoAnne Russell~ www.jamisings.comDo my teachers, the ones still living that is, ever sit back and think about how much they messed up the kids they taught? I eat too fast. I'll fully admit this. I can finish a big meal in under 10 minutes. The reason I can do this is because in elementary school the teachers on lunch duty used to hover over us, shouting, "HURRY UP AND EAT!" They wanted us to get onto the playground faster....more

Dead Tree Books VS EReaders

I keep seeing these blogs and such saying we should stop reading "dead tree books" and all buy ereaders, claiming that they're better for the environment and all that. Let me give you two reasons, people, that will not and cannot happen. #1: Migraine sufferers. ...more

I love me some dead-tree books!


Incident With School Bus #103

On December 3rd, 2009, around 8 am I and my mother had an incident with a school bus driver for the Newport-Mesa Unified School District that proved the driver was reckless and putting lives at risk. When I returned home I searched the website but could not find a single place to file complaints about unsafe practices. So, finally, I chose one likely e-mail address, reported it to her, and waited for some sort of acknowledgment. I'm still waiting. ...more

The Single Girl's Whine

Every now and again I have to let loose a bit and whine about men. (Sorry, boys.) It's a way to let off some steam about being single and dateless before I end up picking outside of eHarmony's headquarters. (For the record, they've rejected me three times. I fully believe it's because I'm fat. Their so-called personality test is more about how physically fit and active you are, not your personality at all.) I think what has made it harder on women is feminism, the sexual revolution, and technology. ...more

What the heck was so great about the 80s?

Over at Awful Library Books one of their candidates for weeding is a teen book about self esteem that includes plastic surgery advice. This of course led to some of us discussing teens and plastic surgery....more

People tell me I'm too picky when it comes to men....

....but then again these are the same women whom won't date anyone with short hair or without facial hair. Where my things are more about compatibility then looks. 1: He must be open minded enough to believe in God or at least the possibility of God without being a religious nut. 2: No smoking (former smokers okay but no current smokers), no drugs, rarely drinks. 3: MUST LOVE DOGS. ...more

I shall be 33 on Tuesday, September 8th.

Now I'm not really asking for presents. ...more

Any suggestions?

I'm choosing songs for yet a 3rd demo album. An idea I came up with awhile ago before Barry Manilow put out The Greatest Songs Of The 70s. I honestly came up with the idea for him, but of course since I don't work for him or any record company, it was just something I shared with fellow fan club members. ...more

Broken Cookies

As a kid - and still as an adult - I'm the one who eats the broken cookies. The malformed pancake. The falling apart muffin. Unless it's something I'm allergic to, I'll even eat things I absolutely hate just cause they're broken and no one else wants them. It's just something I've always done. See, in a weird way, I feel sorry for the broken cookies. People sneer at them, pass them by. "Oh, I don't want that one, it's broken." Nevermind it still tastes the same. It's just in pieces. ...more