Photoshop training for beginners in BlogHer '09 Geek Lab

I'm so excited to have the chance to teach you some basic Photoshop tips and tricks in the Geek Lab at BlogHer! If you need to know how to get started fixing and preparing photos for your blog, please join me in Geek Lab Beginner 3b at 3:30 on Friday, July 24. I plan to stick around afterwards to help you one-on-one. It's gonna be a blast! If you'd like a little preview of my teaching style, you can check out any of the free movies in my many Photoshop courses at See you in Geek Lab.  ...more

PLEASE sell me a ticket

Hi: If you have a ticket for sale please contact me by email: . I'm happy to pay you, and I'll say nice things about you on Twitter. :-) Thanks so much Jan Kabili  ...more

Liveblog: Multimedia Lab on Videoblogging at BlogHer 07

Update: Here's the post-session handout provided by the Multimedia Lab crew. ...more

Book to Blog and Back Again at BlogHer 07

Blog to Book and Back Again Day Two of BlogHer 07 began with a standing-room-only panel, Book to Blog and Back Again. The panel included Gina Trapani, whose blog and book is a huge hit; Ariel Meadow Stallings, author of the cool book and blog Offbeat Bride; and literary agent Kate Lee offering a publisher's perspective. Denise Wakeman of the Blog Squad moderated the panel. ...more

Food Photography session at BlogHer 07

Foodies and other BlogHer 07 attendees: Join us Saturday 7-28 for a luscious panel on Food Photography at 2:45pm in Room 325. Beatrice Peltre and Lara Ferroni, and yours truly as moderator will cover everything you need to know to create mouthwatering photographs for your blog. ...more

Where are the women Supreme Court law clerks?

Is the Supreme Court of the United States guilty of sex discrimination? Law blogs are buzzing about the fact that of the 37 Supreme Court law clerks this year, only 7 are women. A Supreme Court clerkship following law school is the plum of all clerkships, and is often a free pass to any law job following the temporary clerkship. Supreme Court justices pick their own clerks, usually on the basis of academic achievement in law school. I went to Stanford Law years ago, and you couldn't have convinced me then or now that many of the women there were less worthy of a Supreme Court clerkship than their male classmates. Shame, shame on the Supremes! ...more

I couldn't agree more that the where-are-the-women question is not just about blogging. It is ...more

Technology failures in the ladies room

None of us wants to spend more time in a public ladies room than she has to. Lately it seems there are more stumbling blocks to getting in and out fast--in the form of automated everything. Toilets flush on their own, often at inopportune times. Automatically controlled faucets gleefully refuse to cooperate when you stick you hands under them. Nothing seems to happen until you give up and move your hands away. Sometimes you're lucky and are able to tease out a squirt of water, but it never seems to be enough to do the job. Seeing-eye soap dispensers are just as cranky. And don't even get me started on the automatic towel dispensers, which obstinately refuse to dispense when you're standing there dripping soap and water on the floor. Sometimes you're offered the alternative of the hand blow dryer, which doesn't really dry hands, but never fails to mess up your hair. Whoever is in charge of these devices in airports, restaurants, and other public places, we implore you to remove all automatic machines from our ladies rooms. I've got a good idea--stick them in the mens rooms and let the guys wrestle with them for a change. ...more

I work in the engineering dept of a very large hospital. obviously germs are a HUGE concern. ...more

Apple disappoints some, but excites developers at WWDC

Yesterday was a disappointment for some Apple enthusiasts, who had been awaiting new product revelations from Steve Jobs at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). There was no sexy new iPhone, iPod, or tablet Mac, which some had hoped for. But there was a new Mac Pro desktop computer that rounds out Apple's Intel Mac line, and big news about Leopard, the OS X 10.5 operating system currently under development at Apple. Apple announced that it won't release Leopard until Spring, 2007 -- a delay that some have challenged as a Microsoft-type move. At the same time, Jobs' team offered a sneak preview of ten features that will be included in the new operating system. From a developer's perspective (and WWDC is a conference for developers), there was some exciting news. To judge for yourself, watch Jobs' WWDC keynote at The ten new Leopard features revealed yesterday include: ...more

I'm still not sure why people were disappointed at something that just wasn't going to happen. ...more

$100 off Photoshop World registration

If you want to brush up your Photoshop skills, Photoshop World is the conference for you. This big-time bi-annual blowout is coming up in Las Vegas September 7-9. This is an educational conference, with classes offered by top Photoshop gurus and a huge exhibit hall. The organizers, The National Association of Photoshop Professionals, are offering $100 off conference registration for the next six days only (through midnight on Friday, August 4). ...more

Preparing photos for Flickr

I just uploaded some of my photos from BlogHer '06 to Flickr. Flickr has gotten so easy to use, it's a pleasure. The free Flickr Uploader makes fast work of uploading and tagging a batch of photos. Before uploading I do some quick adjustments in Photoshop. I add a Shadow/Highlight adjustment (Image>Adjustments>Shadow/Highlight) or a Levels adjustment (Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Levels) to those photos that need lightening or added contrast. Then I run the Image Processor that's built into Photoshop CS2 (File>Scripts>Image Processor) to quickly resize the photos to fit in a 400x400 pixel space, saving them as jpegs to a new folder. Then I upload the entire folder of fixed images using the Flickr uploader. It's a cinch. ...more

3 years ago we backed up 5 years of photos to a new external drive and had our pc rebuilt. When ...more