5 Reasons White People Can't Talk about Race

Say, you gathered a group of five of your White friends and five of Your Black friends and asked them to have a no-holds barred discussion about race.My prediction echoes Major Strasser in Casablana, "You would find the conversation a trifle one-sided."Your Black friends would be ready, their ideas formed, their sentences flowing like legal arguments pitched by Harvard-trained attorneys in front of the Supreme Court.Your White friends would nod.It's true. I know of which I speak. I've been one of the mute, nodding White people....more
At first, I did not know what to expect from this article.  Thanks for your enlightened ...more

The Old Days of Big Wine

There was a time when I joked that there wasn't any problem in our lives that couldn't be fixed with bigger wine glasses.And we bought some really big ones. Giant wine glasses that could double as cereal bowls, maybe mixing bowls if the situation got desperate enough. We didn't horse around with our wine glasses. We got the biggest they made. Bucket o' wine....more

Teaching Toddlers Friendliness and Trust: The Lessons Come One at a Time

The man was jolly, like he'd changed out of his red suit a few days ago and now was just hanging out in Ocean Beach. Happy. Jovial. Smiling. Chatting. An ad for good humor. Or maybe delight. He seemed delighted. How many people do you run into at a doughnut shop who appear to be delighted?...more

The Blessing of Christmas Misery

I am a person with a very uneven Christmas life.When I was a kid, the quality of Christmas - not the presents but the mood - depended on whether business at our Ben Franklin Store had been good or not so good. There were many years when our chops got busted by the K-Mart down the road and then there were years when my father's savvy and tenacity outwitted the "Big Guys" as he called K-Mart. It was always the Little Guy (singular) vs. the Big Guys (very plural)....more

Donald Trump and a Lesson in Bully Management 101

I worked with a guy like Donald Trump. He wasn't super rich and he didn't run for President but he shared Trump's love of the outrageous brag and Trump's astonishing willingness to say terrible things about opponents. Dec 15, 2015 - Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. - DONALD TRUMP during the final Republican presidential debate hosted by CNN at The Venetian. Image Credit: Ruth Fremson/NYT/Pool via ZUMA Wire/ZUMAPRESS.com)...more
manateekfc24 BlogHer  Yes, I think that can be true. However, I think the stuff Mr. Trump says ...more

Considering Adoption: Ten Things to Ponder

It's that time of year when many people start thinking about adoption. The holidays, families coming together, often are the impetus for serious discussions about adoption.  Frankly, sometimes I wonder why everybody doesn't adopt children. Other times, I wonder why anyone would. I'm not ambivalent, just multi-faceted....more

Out for Repairs

My worst quality is thinking I should fix people who haven't asked for repair.When my children were children, my fixing fixation was in full gear. They had issues, to be sure, but fewer than I detected....more

Mr. Tan Shoes and Me at KFC

The other night at KFC, an older guy came in while I was waiting for my order. His hair was completely white and he wore those tan orthopedic shoes that are popular with folks fed up with pretending. He ordered a big bucket of chicken and two sides. Just like me....more

Five Reasons I am Fed Up Today

I don't like being angry but it's impossible to watch current events in the U.S. and not be angry. Here are five reasons why I am angry and discouraged today....more

Refugees Welcomed at My Thanksgiving Table

My family has been in America for a long time, but someone's newness or refugee status doesn't bother me....more
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