Mason Emmett Ferree

    He picked out pajamas, legos, and a board game. He turns 5 tomorrow so today his daddy and I took him to a water park and then to pick out birthday presents. He is expressive and I can read him usually. His eyes were wide all day. My heart was full watching him go down the big water slides all by himself, he was so proud. Five years ago today I laid in a hospital bed on the maturnity floor. I had been so patient for 9 months, because ever since that test showed 2 lines I couldnt wait to meet my sweet baby....more

Am I Your Stumbling Block

   I have had the same group of girlfriends for years. Im talking 4th grade some of them. We are all so different that time would be the bind that keeps us together. One of those "we are friends because it's always been that way" type of friendships. Let me introduce them so you can paint a mental picture....more

To Heal

 In scripture He is called the "Great Physician" but most days I just need a masterminded surgeon. Let me tell you about a decubitus ulcer, they are gross. They are caused by skin breakdown , weak cells, they often can get right down to bone, infection filled, painful ulcers. Worse case the infection gets into your blood stream and you go septic or you loose an extremetie or even worse death if severe and untreated....more

Veggies and Water.

   I wake up early. After my husband leaves for work at about 6am, its my turn. I stretch, walk out to the kitchen pour my juice, and open my Bible. Its my only quiet time during the day as my son is 4. I start to read Daniel. Of all the Bible characters he may be my favorite. He demonstrates that faith always proceeds the favor. I am drawn to this because I live my life dependant on favor but often a little short on faith....more