Steve Jobs´ Journey Toward His Dream – Through Different Eyes

The world is mourning. Steve Jobs died. I used to show him as role model to my colleagues, as he was able to build a Company that is thriving to go for more than only money....more

Too Much Authenticity From ex-Yahoo!´s Carol Bartz?

Everybody appreciates true authentici­ty, especially when displayed by CEOs. However the boarder line between being courageous and being immoderate is really thin. Especially for Carol Bartz (63). Her actions when splitting up with Yahoo! have shown that she generated more publicity about HOW she has left her CEO job there, rather than for what she has done over the last two and a half years in her role. Breast cancer survivor Carol Bartz was always known for her blunt leadership style. She has always been a no nonsense....more

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going*

The rules of the game are changing. When else would be this *Robin Sharma´s quote more true than today when further economical development is uncertain and effects of crisis become even more visible. Managers at all levels lose jobs and those who keep them are playing it safe, being afraid of joining their ex-colleagues. Will they all be able to regain back their self-confidence and happiness?New conditions require new skills and approaches. Turbulent times create new stars or send defeated individuals into apathy....more

Steve Jobs´ Quotes You Never Dare To Forget

With the change of CEO, Apple will be different. Hopefully it keeps the spirit of Steve Jobs as long as possible. Steve has always attracted the best employees and he enthused them to do great work for him. Thanks to Steve, Apple stands for something. Apple has a reason for being that isn’t just about making money. Steve is a type of genius, artist, who has made his mark in the history and he could never be so successful without some of his unique personality traits. ...more

Where Are The Next Power Women?

Everybody agrees to the logic of broadly pronounced claim that “Only Companies who have the best talent win”. However, in reality only very rarely a woman is upweighted alongside with her promoted male boss. Only very rarely a woman succeeds another woman into the board rooms of the corporate world. Does that imply scarcity of talent among women? Definitely not. In the present knowledge economy that struggles with waves of economical crisis open discussion about women in leadership is relevant more than ever before....more

When CEO Himself Tweets For His Company, Issue Turns Into Opportunity

When the news about tweeting CEO Pieter Uys on behalf of Vodacom - the South Africa´s largest cellphone Company - spread out on Twitter early July, I was happy there is the first CEO herald, who takes social media opportunities seriously. Pieter has not just installed internal effective monitoring systems to track the Company´s reputation on 24/7 scale....more

Google Made Her Rich, Facebook Made Her A Legend

Some people become famous for what they say. The outstanding ones make their quotes reality. Like Sheryl Sandberg. Woman, who has made it last year to #16 place of 50 Most Powerful Women in Business in the world selected by Fortune magazine. In 2007, Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, felt a desperate need to turn Facebook from a “cool” social network to a real profitable business. Sheryl Sandberg, Google’s thirty-eight-year-old vice-president for global on-line sales and operations, was recommended to him as a potential partner....more
Thanks for your comments! There is never enough - of women role models. Sheryl is my favorite ...more

Going Into Own Business For The Right Reasons

I have recently observed many managers quitting the corporate job for their vision of starting their own Company. Right or wrong, the future will tell. They have to be sure they do not join the entrepreneurship world just because of their need to achieve bigger personal freedom, money or fame. Or because they think they have no other choice and look for an easy escape. These internal, personally driven reasons for launching a start-up are wrong....more

Twitter And The Pope

The Pope Benedict XVI.  is on Twitter (@news_va_en). These top news were hot enough this week for a wide twitter community discussion, even though Vatican is already tweeting for some time (until today with 1300 tweets, and ca 65 thousand followers). The spread of the news started only when the Pope Benedict XVI. has sent his first - by his team pre-prepared - tweet from his iPad (great choice by the way…). Becoming the first Pope to tweet in history....more

Career Peaks And Valleys

We are living through ever changing periods of victories and downsides. Professionally or personally. It is not just us. We all have experienced it, even though we do not like to talk about it. Just the depth of each valley and the height of each peak is individual. As well as timing and lengths of each life phase. ...more