Prom-a Drama

I was helping the Snapper select a corsage for his senior prom date.  Luckily he had a phone photo of his date’s dress.  I said, “Isn’t technology fabulous?...more

I don't think anyone had the same dress. Or if they did we didn't really care. ...more

Student Webcams, School Spying--and Snowballs

The Snapper came home from school and said, “Mom, the school is using our laptop web cams to spy on us.”I said, “Where can I get one of those?” and he said, “they’re spying on you too.” ...more

Acting My Age

I am so middle-aged.  ...more

How To Have Great Sex

I bought this month’s issue of a woman’s magazine without my glasses and it wasn’t until I got home that I saw the headline, “Great Sex Over 40!!!”  ...more

I loved your article, and must admit that I was widowed at the age of 35, with 2 children ...more

Saint or Sinner?

Motherhood is no job for Saints.  Just look at St. Jane de Chantal.   ...more

Putting It On The Table

We have very interesting dinner table conversations—though perhaps not the kind the experts envision when they urge parents to sit down at the table with their off-spring. ...more

Martini Mom--Yes, you're right.  Several years ago I interviewed a doc for an article about ...more

Joe Biden, And Me

I called my friend Annie and told her, “Joe Biden is now the symbol for working women over the age of 50.”    ...more

Master of the Universe

The Snapper is undergoing yet another battery of tests next week.  Junior year seems to be so full of them that I wonder how there is any time left to actually learn something other than how to take a test.  After he finishes the tests next week he gears up for his ACT test—which is followed by his AP tests. ...more

It Is Good To Have Fun

Today is Theodore Geisel’s (aka Dr. Seuss) birthday. When Wally and the Snapper were little, I read a lot of Dr. Seuss to them.  Being the good mother that I am, I frequently subverted the text.   ...more

Ahead of the Curve, Behind the Times

I have worked in the field of technology for about 25 years but I still don’t know how to program my cell phone.  I explained it to a client one time, saying, “I’m a practitioner of philosophical technology”—meaning I can talk about it without actually doing anything about it.  ...more