16 on the 15th: Power of Communications

Whether they’re spoken or written, our words are powerful. They can inspire, anger, motivate, and move. They can build bridges or walls....more

A secret sauce for leadership?

Our brains prefer simplicity. We look for ideas and solutions that support how we think—and ignore evidence that says we’re misguided at best, wrong at worst. No wonder it’s so hard to get our leadership arms (and heads and hearts) around paradox ....more

The Information Age: 5 Essential Laws of Internal Communications

Today’s guest contributor is Megan Marie Ritter, an online business...more

First Friday Favs 9.5.14

As I tippy-toe back into a new routine, my reading this past month has been all over the place. An eclectic assortment of favs, for sure. Please enjoy these highlights! ...more

Boss to employee: no news from me is good news

Do you think a workplace where your boss only talked to you if you’d done something wrong (or had to let you go) would be a crappy place to work? I do. Someone I recently met described where she used to work that way ....more

Lever of Change: Communications

Today’s guest author is Mark Miller, Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness for Chick-fil-A, who believes that leadership is...more

Live with courage, not regret

Moving from hurt feelings to sympathy happened fairly quickly after a friend apologized for not reaching out to me during my sick leave. She said she had meant to call or send a card countless times but that something for work always got in the way. Her remorse was obvious ....more

Go ahead & disagree but leave the snark at home

It was a day of the triple rudeness whammy…one delivered in my Twitter stream and the other two observed in...more

5 ways to banish the woulda coulda shoulda perfection gremlin

Rebecca’s gifts were always so perfectly wrapped that it felt wrong to open them. They were works of art with...more

Be a Volunteer & Escape the Unemployment Trap

Today’s guest contributor is Richard B. Alman, principal and chief career/employment strategist of Recruiter Media Inc., owner/operator of the career website Recruiter Networks. Richard has also managed human resources for Fortune 100 and smaller multi-national companies ....more