It May Not Be Racism, But Race Does Matter

Praise GOD the Creator sister tell it like it is. So that means when we start having children we ...more

When You Look at Me You Don’t See Color – Your Loss!

Often when I talk to people about race they say, "When I look at you I don't see color." My response to them is always the same. Aloud I say, "That is your loss, my color is beautiful." To myself I say, "You are either unobservant or a liar." ...more
It is the most dishonest and ridiculous thing. WHen someone says to me, "I don't see color" I ...more

Take Action Now and Appreciate Your Ability


What Inspires You – Find Your Inspiration

    You can find serenity by discovering what inspires you. Inspiration is often defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do something or to feel something. Inspiration is often thought of in relation to something creative....more