The Brazilian Wax: Why Your Daughters Shouldn't

Just like good old teenage pash-rash the, pubes-on - pubes-off debate seems to be never-ending. A lot of column inches have been spent trying to explain the current necessity for the sexually active population to remove pubic hair. I’ve read them all and grilled many beauticians, yet I still feel like an ignor-ray-mons....more

When Young British Royals, Will & Kate, Stopped By

‘There aren’t many royalists here,’ complained one royalist while we waited for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, commonly referred to as Will and Kate, to drive by....more

Yummy Pear, Blue Cheese & Hazelnut Salad with Pomegranate Dressing

Easter time is always harvest festival at my place, with pears and hazelnuts to gather, pumpkins to store and potatoes to dig, I always feel a bit like squirrel nutkin preparing for winter. However, you'll find these ingredients in your grocery store year round....more

If Your Teenager Turns Vegetarian, It May Not Last Long...

‘I’m going vegetarian announced,’ daughter 14 last Friday. ‘Why you love meat?’ said brother 10. ‘Because the average human consumes 342 animals a year,’ she said. ‘But I’m starting tomorrow because I had a chicken wrap for lunch.’ ‘I stopped eating potatoes for a year because someone told me they’d make me fat when I was your age,’ I replied. Newly-teen-vego marched off. On to the food fad faze I thought. Been there done that, thirty three years ago....more

My Perfect Mystery Weekend, Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia

We were at a birthday party, sitting at the head of the table, side by side. It was his turn to speak. About me. He said, we’re going to Sydney tomorrow. I looked at my glass. And drank it. It’s a shopping trip, he said. But it wasn’t really. It was time alone. Together....more

Turning 50 & Ageing Disgracefully as Best I Can

Wishing all you 50-somethings a:...more