Senhora das Navegantes Continued ...

The festa, or party, here continued and finished, yesterday. We followed the celebration in our dingy and what a fabulous, energetic, wave of boats that accompanied the statues on their journey to the mainland town of Olhão there was! It began in the morning with a sense of excitement in the air. All of the fishing boats were in the marina for once, none were out fishing,  and many had decorated their boats for the occasion. ...more

Our Lady of the Navigators


Picking Clams

I have written about amêijoas (clams) before; they are such delicious food when picked fresh and for that I wanted to share this with you:   Yesterday, with the new moon, the tides were particulary low and so we decided to go hunting for (the delicious) amêijoas. Picking clams. What a view! ...more

New Hair Cut, New Life

New glasses,new hair cut,new life?...more