before and after fitness

After I decided to pull my head out of my ass and struggling with PPD, I decided to make a change.  A change, that even I struggled with at first.  In 2011, I decide to start making my body strong and my mind stronger. Struggling with PPD, I often time felt there was no way out besides conventional medications. I am here to tell you, that Medication is not the only option....more

Off to homeschooling we go!

As you are getting your child ready to go back to school this year, Calvin will be taking the plunge as well. We are not going to a formal school, or even a pre-school. We are starting our homeschooling journey.Call me Crazy? maybe!...more

Menu 8/12

Back to the grind this week. Hubby is no longer on vacation and this momma can finally make some decent dinners. Nothing out of the ordinary this week or weekend to fuss over. Just simple homemade dinners. Now it’s time to write it on my menu board in the kitchen.MENU 8/12Sunday- Pork chops, porogies and a saladMonday- General Tso’s chicken and egg rollsTuesday- Breakfast for dinner- Bacon, eggs, hash brownsWednesday- BLT’s with a tomato cucumber salad...more

Potty training

After my post in May about potty training we are now finally stepping it up a huge notch....more

Things to do when the power goes out

 well for starters I hope someone will Google that because when you have no power you have no internet. No internet equals no Google!Today’s Prompt for the Summer Blog challenge : 5 Things to do when the power goes outLiving in the great northeast, the power sure does go out frequently. As a family we always try to be prepared when the power does go off.Safety first: ...more

baby #2- My infertility journey

Were to start this post.This topic is not easy to write about or even let you know about. It’s a semi private matter and an intimate journey to take. I write about infertility, because it’s real for many couples and infertility happens more then you know.  Please thank the doctors that make this journey of infertility possible and pray that one day I will bring more children into this world with their help....more