African Americans Want The American Jobs Act Passed Now

The political and economic analysts claimed that President Barack Obama had to show leadership and be bold with his jobs plan. I believe everyone got what they asked for from his American Jobs Act (AJA) plan. I must say that this aggressive plan to put Americans back to work infused some sense of hope, especially for African Americans. ...more
How I wish someone had the courage to expose the problems of black America. I think the ...more

Sunday School: A Footprint For Success

I have not written a faith piece from an urban perspective in quite some time.  I felt persuaded to write about it now since I have put it off. Growing up, I attended Sunday school.  Attendance wasn’t an option for my siblings and me. We had to go.  Sunday school is where I learned the teachings of my Christian faith as well as my specific doctrine.  It wasn’t a place where I was graded on my performance.  It was focused more on my understanding of faith and ministry. ...more

Side Hustle Income for the Slow Economy

The economy is slow to recover and people are getting anxious as they are looking for opportunities to increase their income. The jobless rate in California and Los Angeles are still in the double digits while the nation’s unemployment rate is about 9%. These unemployment numbers tell us that the market is still tough for anyone hoping to land a job in the near future. ...more
I like the way you provided a few new ideas I haven't read anywhere else. How do your notary ...more

Death By Cop: A Homeless Problem

I’ve been tracking all the latest news related to the beating death of Kelly Thomas by the Fullerton Police Department. The Orange County community is inflamed over the excess use of force on this mentally ill man who had schizophrenia. The anger and the resentment the community and the family members of Mr. Thomas feel are rightfully so. It’s hard to accept that six officers can unjustly beat an unarmed human being with or without provocation. ...more
This is outrageous at so many levels! The mentally ill need help, not harassment and murder. ...more

African American Homelessness Not The Same

I love having candid conversations about homelessness when I have an opportunity to do so. Last week, I had the best conversation about why homeless systems of care fail African Americans and prepare many for long-term cycles of poverty. ...more

Back-To-School Costs

I remember back-to-school shopping being the highlight to the close of summer. I was out with my family hitting the major store chains for school supplies and clothing. Back then, the basic school supplies were 8.5” X 11” ruled paper, pencils and pens, binder, protractor, compass, Texas Instrument calculator, and ruler. It is nothing like it is today. Now, you need to add a computer, flash drive, and other material to the list of must-haves. Let me not forget, more money! ...more