Here's What's Wrong with Sport$

There is something dramatically wrong with sports these days and there's only one way to fix it: get rid of the money.It used to be that athletes made average salaries, that taking your family to a live sporting event did not require a bank loan and that all sports were available on television for free as long as they aired on one of the three national networks.  Now?  Those things are fantasies of a past life....more

The Healing Power of Sports

I love sports.  I love almost every sport out there.  I love college football the most, followed by professional basketball.  I am practically addicted to NFL's The Red Zone on Sundays (or, "ADD Football," as I endearingly call it) and I love my USC Trojans.  I've been known to spend more than 12 hours in front of the television watching the Wimbledon tennis tournament.  And, my husband says I'm probably the only wife in America who grabs the Sports section of the newspaper before her husband does....more

Mom, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be NFL Players

Yes, I am a major sports fan; yes, I bleed Cardinal and Gold and attended almost every home football game for the USC Trojans since the late 1960s; yes, I spend my weekends in the fall watching college football on Saturday and professional football on Sunday.  But, would I let my son play football?  No!  And, I urge all sensible parents to follow my lead.  Goodness knows, there’s plenty of information out there to support my position....more
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LA Sports Fans: It’s Time to Rejoice!

It’s been a long, empty, bitter time for LA sports fans.  When was the last time we hoisted a championship trophy or had a celebratory parade for one of our sports teams?  I can’t even remember – that’s how long it’s been.  Let’s look at the evidence:...more

Will the Nittany Lions Survive?

I’m sure everyone in America has heard the news about Penn State: the university received the harshest penalties this side of the “death penalty” for the despicable crimes committed by a member of their football coaching staff.  On top of a $60 million fine, the school is banned from post-season play for four years, is on probation for five years, loses scholarships and must vacate every win since 1998, transforming Joe Paterno overnight from college football’s winningest coach to twelfth on the list since 111 of his wins were vacated....more

Stanley Cup Finals: Go, Kings, Go!

What team does this?  What team makes the playoffs in the second-to-last game of the regular season and then, almost too easily, beats the #1, #2 and #3 seeds of their conference to earn a spot in the Stanley Cup Finals?...more
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Men's Indoor Volleyball Needs Your Love

Men’s Indoor Volleyball.  Why isn’t it more popular?  It could be the rules.  There are a lot of them and people who don’t know the sport always have a tough time learning it.  But, broken down to its basics, it has the same structure as any other sport: two opponents, one ball, the team that reaches the winning score first (by at least two points), wins.  It could it be the scoring.  It used to have Side Out scoring, which meant that games could last forever before either team reached 15 points.  But, no...more

Saints They Ain't

Did you hear about the New Orleans Saints?  The NFL reports that defensive players for the New Orleans Saints have been receiving bounties for hurting players on the opposing team.  At first, I didn’t want to believe this story but when the Saints’ Defensive Coach Gregg Williams admitted it was true, I became incredulous.  What the hell was going on in that locker room?  Was a...more
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Let's Learn from the Lin-sanity

It’s sweeping the nation – Lin-sanity!  People from all corners of the United States – and even from international nations – are shouting Jeremy Lin’s name from the rooftops and following his every move.  Who is he, you wonder?  He’s the first Chinese-American man to play in the National Basketball Association.  Oh, but, he’s so much more than that.  He’s the personification of determination, hard work, brains and stick-to-it-tiveness.  He’s the sports figure all kids should want to emulate because, as a parent, wouldn’t you want your son to idolize a ...more

BCS: Change Your System NOW!

Did you watch the BCS “Championship” game between LSU and Alabama?  Or, did you fall asleep in the middle of it from sheer boredom, like I did?  From anybody’s perspective (except, maybe, those myopic folks in the SEC), the game was a yawner.  The “experts” (mostly those who are somehow beholden to the BCS…or naturally, ESPN!) called it a “defensive battle” but I stand by my assertion: it was a major bore....more