The Incredible Shrinking Woman

I am one of those people that feels weird talking about this- I have been losing weight. Slowly, but gradually. I guess that is the way you are supposed to lose it, but since I don't like to do anything at all slowly, especially losing weight, I am trying to be patient. I usually give up at the point and admit defeat, but I have stayed the course through the rough patches (gaining one of the weeks was tough, but I kept at it)....more

An Unbalanced Life's a secret. Right now I am at work. No, I am not trying to slack, there just isn't enough for me to do. This is incredibly frustrating. I have no time at home and too much time at work. I miss my children terribly. I spend my whole day with them getting them ready for School, ready for bed, ready for ...more

Thank you for the lovely comments and ideas, they are all great. I especially love the love ...more

How do we get back in Sync?

Let me start out by saying how much I love my husband. He is my best friend, my partner. But lately, it feels almost as if we are strangers. The other night we cuddled while watching TV and I gave him a kiss on the cheek and it felt strange, foreign. I don't want to grow apart, but right now I feel that we are slipping, and between work and children, we don't have the time to fix it. How do people balance? ...more

Thanks for the advice. I totally think that you are right. We definitely need to make more of an ...more