Birth Reflections

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Revisiting Book: Like Water for Chocolate

I’ve been reading lots lately and I have also re-read a few books. I came across an old favorite. Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate: A Novel in Monthly Installments, with Recipes, Romances and Home Remedies (1989) contains all the great ingredients for a best-seller: love, betrayal, hardship, food, fantasy, and death. At first glance, many dismiss the book as a mere love story touched with tragedy for Tita de Le Garza, the protagonist. Upon closer examination, though, the book provides a strong example of fiction, cultural archetypes, and theory....more

Feminist Reactions to SlutWalk

 I've been thinking about the debates that feminists get into. I'm supportive of productive discussion. But there are times when the debates are counter-productive. I've been witnessing some of these counter-productive debates during the last few days. And this post will speak to my reaction to the latest spate of feminist debates. Word to the wise--I am a self-identified feminist, who teaches Political Science (theory/gender and more) at a university. ...more

Balance at Work and Home

I'm a full-time educator and I'm just about to begin a new term. These last few weeks have been incredibly busy and I'm thinking about work/life balance. I just blogged about managing time at work and I'm quite efficient at work, but lately I haven't felt the same efficiency, if you will, in my personal life....more

Sucker Punch As a Feminist Story?

I was not going to see Sucker Punch directed by Zack Snyder, as the trailer made me think that yet again Laura Mulvey coined term the “male gaze” was center stage in the movie....more

Calling All Foodies!

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I'm in the thick of grading and reviewing graded work with the six Teaching Assistants (TA) who are working with me. This term I have not found as many instances with student integrity and I was really hoping that I would not. But, alas, that dream was short-lived....more

Abortion Politics in Young Adult Lit: Unwind

They say that the abortion wars could not get worse. I beg to counter this statement, given my recent read of Neal Shusterman’s Unwind. The book takes place in the dystopian future. The second Civil War in the United States is the Abortion Wars between the Life Army and the Choice Brigade (the third group is the US military). While society seems fine—things are amiss....more

It's such a provocative book. I think that the next time I teach Gender and Politics, I'm going ...more

Touchy Subjects: Thinking about Race

I'm closing in on seven years of living in Victoria, BC in Canada. Prior to this I had pretty much lived my entire life in Southern California--most recently San Diego. Besides missing my family terribly, I really miss the racial and ethnic diversity. I need to add that I am Mexican-American and self-identify as Latina. My family has been in the US for three generations. My partner and I joke about how we are a NAFTA family, as he is Canadian. Our two girls have citizenship in both countries. Victoria is a predominantly homogenous community and we knew that when we relocated here....more