Sharing Your Blog on Other Sites (The Invisible Blogger)

I read this blog post,, here on BlogHer tonight, and in a way it hit on a problem I'm having with sharing my blog and gaining readership....more
As a blogger trying to get a wider readership, I've discovered that there is a parallel to book ...more

Me? Enjoying Sex? At my age? Part 2 of a Very Convoluted Story of Self Discovery

David and I were seated, and I realized again how nervous I was.  He didn't seem to be at all.  I felt like I was blurting my entire life story out as if it had to be in the hour we had for lunch.  He was curious why I'd never married, and I decided honesty was best.  I told him I'd spent the last 15 years with a woman.   I think he went through shock, a million questions popping in his head, and being sort of okay with it in about 3 seconds. ...more

Me? Enjoying Sex? At my age? Part 1 of A Very Convoluted Story of Self Discovery

Last year before all hell broke loose in my life, I had finally gotten to the point where I felt ready to begin dating.  Notice I don't say "dating again."  As a teenager, I did not date.  No one ever asked out the chubby, very shy, redhead who never looked up, never spoke to anyone.  I had my friend, Maria, and I was fine with that.  Boys were nasty and mean hearted anyway....more