Pineapple & Coconut Martini

Chicken Stew and Puffy Dumplings

 CHICKEN STEW AND PUFFY DUMPLING By Janice Bartlett(1/18/2014- Adapted from the Weight Watchers Recipe Chicken and Dumplings)  ...more

It's Pumpkin Time

 Besides spring and summer, I love the beginning of Fall.  I go pumpkin crazy and consume as much pumpkin food and beverage items as possible. I recently made pumpkin oatmeal, here is the recipe.  It is pretty basic and easy;Pumpkin OatmealStart with Irish Oatmeal follow cooking instructionsAdd 1 cup of pumpkin...more

Oh! Tomatos How I Love Thee!!!!!

It's summer and our garden is in full bloom!!!  My husband has a green thumb and has managed to grow the most amazing Jersey tomatos that we have had in years.  I have so many that I will give them away to friends and family and still have plenty to make some homemade pasta sauce (or gravy, whichever you prefer) for the winter.  That recipe will follow shortly.   I just needed to share a picture of our beautiful tomatos.  These tomatos didn't come so easily we had to fight off Groundhogs and Squirrels to grow them.  The fight was worth it and we still have...more

Zucchini Makes Me Happy!!!!

In my house we love zucchini and eat pretty much all year long, especially in the summer when we can get it from our local farm market or garden (when the ground hogs have not taken over).  I have taken great pleasure in coming up with fun ways to make it.  It is such a versatile ingredient.  This is fabulously delicious recipe.  Enjoy!!   Zucchini Bake (serves 6)...more

The Wonders of Chiropractic Care

For weeks Now I have been suffering from headaches(most likely due to tension and sinus.)  Not migraines, just head pain and I could not get any releif.  I had a CT scan done on Tuesday and it did not show any problems.  I suspect that I am having sinus issues that require a visit to an ENT Dr....more

Skinny Girl Sangria

 So it was a hot Saturday evening and I had a gorgeous bottle wine that I was just dying to drink.   But I didn't want just a simple glass of wine; my pallet was looking for something different.  So I checked the fridge and discovered the makings of Sangria.  Here is what makes is skinny.  This concoction was fabulous and I didn't feel one bit guilty drinking itSkinny Girl Sangria Recipe:1 Beautiful glass pitcher½ bottle of Pinot Grigio½ of a small bottle of 0 calorie flavored sparkling water (I used Lemon/Lime)...more

Passion for Baking!

This is my first blog entry.  I am so excited to share with everyone my views and favorite recipes and I hope to receive some tips, tricks and recipes from the community as well.  I love, love, love to bake and cook.  I have been told that I am an excellent baker....more