Trisha Yearwood's Crockpot Candy

No, I’m NOT making this, but I want to! So I’m watching FoodTV yesterday and Trisha was stirring up a batch of this candy. ...more

Budweiser Christmas

I had to go back a few years for this one, but it’s a goodie.. ....more

Abby's First Time on the Ice

She’s a natural... GO ABBY!!!! ...more

Nine Important Facts to Remember as We Grow Older:

An old friend from years ago, Sharon, sent me this list. ...more

The Grands at Christmas

Oh these precious little children. ...more

A Lodge Cast Iron update for you...

I was making these grilled cheese sandwiches at lunch (that’s 1 carb bread ladies, and it’s awesome). ...more

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks

Oh how we older people struggle with movies. ...more

Jan's Favorite Things 2014

My list this year has several repeats, things that I’ve blogged about this past year, but are so good that I need to tell you about them again. ...more

Christmas Teas

I’ve been reading online about Christmas Teas from Bigelow and Celestial Seasonings. ...more

I'm pedaling as fast as I can...

I have a list of my favorite things this year, just running behind. ...more