crepes with a side of awkward

I saw Jane Eyre with my friend Danita last week.We had an early dinner at La Creperie beforehand. I love this restaurant because their most basic, plainest crepe is $5 (good for an unemployed person like me), and they serve cocktails....more

The company is at the top of my list. I hope that I'm still on their list of people to hire. I'm ...more

I llveblogged the 2011 Golden Globes and all I got was this mild headache.

Brad and Angelina on the red carpet (image via @RedCarpetTeam)...more

"This Is Jasmine" is a very famous and important blog

Guess what? I'm in somebody's top ten. Rather, my blog is.I know, right? This Is Jasmine is on The Core's list of top ten UChicago blogs. I'm surprised because I was convinced that the only people who read this blog were me and, well, me. I'm pleased because I've read some of the other blogs on the list and they're, you know, good and interesting and useful. But being that the other blogs on the list are witty and introspective, and therefore what I would naturally expect from blogs written by U of C students/alumni/staff, I wonder what I'm doing there....more

Ideally made out of bamboo (it's renewable!) or oak (so dignified), to bring some much-needed ...more


Note: This was originally posted on my personal blog, This Is Jasmine, on Friday, December 3.I lost my job on Tuesday.I filed for unemployment on Wednesday. It's not going to be as much as I had hoped. I'm not sure if I'll be able to live on it. At the very least, I will have to redefine what it means for me to live. Of course, I have little in the way of savings. I do not want to drain my 401(k).I want to thank everyone who's reached to me, via Twitter, Facebook, text message, phone call, and e-mail to offer their support and their advice. I am now actively monitoring my Linked In profile, for once....more

I just stumbled upon this, and Im so sorry to hear that you lost your job.
I can only imagine ...more

Flat Jasmine!

While I'm not attending BlogHer '10 next month, Flat Jasmine is going in my place....more

where is the love

Because I am stupid, my username on OkCupid was pretty easy to track back to me in real life. I had to delete my account and create a new account with a new name. It's not that I'm all that ashamed to admit that I like to use OkCupid (really, just for the tests, I swear) but it would have been easy to put my old name through a Google search and find me elsewhere and then where is the romance and mystery of on-line dating then?...more

This Is Jasmine: decade

I'm looking at almost ten years of blogging. TEN YEARS.Come July 20, 2010, I hope to have some sort of awesome revelation from all this time spent on the internet. What kind of revelation could that be?...more

Favorite Things: Recipes for Thanksgiving

I like recipes. I am trying to get back into the habit of cooking, and I like reading recipes to prepare. Of course, reading recipes keeps me from cleaning my kitchen and doing the dishes that have crowded my sink for the last few months weeks. Such is life, and such is sloth.But I feel that I have motivation and inspiration to cook. Cooking is fun, and it's cheaper than dining out or ordering in. Also, I have a deadline. I'm having Thanksgiving dinner with Nite and Jeff this year at Nite's place. While they're providing the bulk of the meal (you can order a complete Thanksgiving dinner from Whole Foods, which they did two years ago), their guests — me, Jon, Alissa, Elisa, and another friend of Jeff's whose name escapes me — have been asked to provide a side, dessert, or a beverage....more

Gotta love a recipe that calls for Cheez-Whiz

~Denise BlogHer Community Manager

i like to watch: The Big Bang Theory: "The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation"

Note: This entry was originally posted at my blog This Is Jasmine. Season 3 of 'The Big Bang Theory" premiered last night with "The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation", and I was not disappointed in its return. Though I have a few things to nitpick about: ...more


This blog post was originally posted over at This Is Jasmine. Things that have been on my mind and I swear on Imelda Marcos's bouffant I will write about. Here. On this blog. Maybe even today. The Emmys Every year, I look forward to the Emmys until I see that the nominated writers are overwhelmingly White and male. I ranted a bit on Twitter about this and then I wondered if I'm jeopardizing my own aspiring tv writer ass by doing so. I then got slightly depressed when I remembered that I'm in my 30's, in not great health, and also so risk-averse it's almost paralyzing. Seriously — who's still an aspiring thing in their 30's? I feel pathetic and small and petty. ...more