Champagne Wishes and Birthday Dreams; Why Turning 26 Changed My Life

Song of the DaySatellite of Love by Lou Reed. Because Glam Rock will never die as long as I'm alive....more

Dolphin Vaginas, Lucite Shoes and Tim Roth's Tattoos; Happy Birthday to Me!

I promise I will get to the title of this blog in a minute but in the meantime....Altered Images- Happy Birthday because I am Molly Ringwald but with smaller lips.Happy Birthday to me!!!!...more

And now for something completely different...

I tried writing yesterday. I began working on three or four post, but each one felt wrong....more

Depression Era Skin Care 101

I have a confession to make; I love skin care. If you know me, then this revelation is as shocking as revealing that I am a woman or that the sky is blue (technically the sky is every color but blue and either gets it's color from the ocean or vice versa. I was a film major). Over the years, I have developed a few beloved beauty products that are cheap, fun to make, and really work. ...more

This is the Voice!

Chauncey's World

I've had the same best friend my entire life.  This friend spends hours with me everyday day, entertaining and education me in the ways of the world and beyond. Through thick and thin, we've always been together. That friend is my television, Chauncey....more

Burning questions for your everyday life...

I had a few questions burning into the cavities of my unquenchable yet still attractive soul;...more