Is high school stress taking an emotional and pyschological toll on our students?

Transitioning to a Middle School , High School or College is anything but easy. Like most students who harbor a wish to go to great colleges, students and their parents know that the road to college is certainly not a bed of roses. Colleges expect a lot more from students these days. Along with a plate full of challenging courses, you are expected to excel in a few areas outside of academics. There is a constant pressure to have high grades and challenging classes if they want to make it to a good college. ...more

Your Student's Talent can go a long long way !

Did you know that money problems, not bad grades, are the reason cited by most college students who have considered dropping out? Even a genius student like Steve Jobs was not spared from this dilemma when he had to drop out of Reed College.His working class parents' savings were being spent on his college tuition. Today, in a recession battered community students are looking at new and innovative ways to earn money. ...more